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Nodding Syndrome, The Man-Made Disease, Deceptive Scientists Called A ‘Strange Disease’

Nodding syndrome virus

Poverty causes misery, underdevelopment, crime, and can breed many diseases due to unhygienic conditions. However, apart from malaria that ravaged the continent for ages, certain diseases were intentionally inflicted on African populations, using the poverty situation as an opportunity.

Africa has been an unstable continent due to war, religion, and ethnic conflicts. The unrest published in many scientific publications was an opportunity for the Western countries to experiment with toxic substances during peacekeeping.

Genetically engineered microorganisms and deliberate distribution of various man-made health hazards, such as aflatoxins and mycotoxins were secretly used as bio-weapons. These secretions of fungi have a life-threatening and cancer-causing effect on all living creatures.

The military was particularly interested in these agents for biowarfare purposes during the cold war and the existence of the Iron Curtain. Because these toxins have a very strong resistance-reducing effect, making the body susceptible to life-threatening viruses and bacteria.

People easily become ill, as a result of the use of these dangerous substances, leading to certain diseases, such as the Nodding Syndrome, which many Ugandans had in refugee camps.

Poor Conditions In Refugee Camp

Most of the affected children with nodding, disease grew up in refugee camps. During the twenty years of war between rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan government, they became refugees in their own country.

The government set up refugee camps where hygiene was poor, there was not enough to eat and inmates were permanently in fear of armed attack.

A few years ago the remaining camps were dissolved and the children, now aged between 5 and 15, returned to their villages. And shortly, the first cases of illness soon followed.

Families were hardly able to provide the help their children needed when affected by seizures. Accidents were frequent, as children injured themselves at open fires or fall into waters and drowned. Some families have up to five children who are affected.

Similar symptoms were also observed in the early 1960s in children in a remote mountain region of Tanzania. Since 2003, there have also been cases in what is now South Sudan. However, the outbreak of the disease in northern Uganda is far worse.

Why Are Mostly Refugees Affected With Nodding Disease?

It is likely that they had it through international aid, such as food, medication, and water, distributed by the World Food Program (WFP). Many of those organizations assisting troubled Africa, used that as an opportunity to commit medical crimes.

As an investigating scientist Johan van Dongen), it is more interesting to mention this. Another evidence of how diseases were inflicted on persons through food and water is also mentioned in Dr. Wolff Geisler’s book: ‘Aids, Origins, Spread, and Healing.’

Medical staff in the region pointed out, of course, to chronic undernourishment of the refugees, as a result of toxic seeds that were eaten out of desperation but the most likely source is the deliberate provision of contaminated medicine and food are given to the refugees in the camps for biowarfare experiment. For example, America did that to Haitians boat-people in refugee camps.

Apart from the deliberate poisoning by chemical and biological weapons, in addition, it is believed that river water was contaminated by the extraction of minerals or yellow rain sprayed by airplanes.

For investigative researchers like me and Dr. Wolff Geisler, these were promising new avenues to explore because they carried out tests that revealed, for example, that children have very high levels of acids in their blood. And what about the official statement that was made that the children are suffering from a mysterious illness? What causes these high acid levels? Mycotoxins and aflatoxins?

But research team leader, David Lagoro Kitara stated, “This nodding disease might be a result of either chronic malnutrition or they might have a metabolic problem,” but he only parrots about the corrupt Ugandan Government, the World Health Organization, and the USA Centers For Disease Control (CDC).

Of course, Gulu researchers have come up with an alternative. Generous helpings of milk and food supplements produced a swift improvement in the children’s condition which then stabilized. Based on this initial success, the researchers are hopeful that they can now find an effective cure. Yes, and the Nazis used radioactivity contaminated milk for babies, Dr. Wolff Geisler has proved that too.

Whatever the merits and demerits of again reviewing the literature on Aflatoxin or Mycotoxin Fungi AF are, the review has a specific purpose that has not been thoroughly explored in the past. This is to look at the ravages that these toxins have caused in Africa, not only from an animal and human health point of view but also from the economic consequence of having agricultural commodities contaminated with these toxins.

Although most countries of the world can be affected by AF, it is sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) that has suffered the most. This review reports on the early literature on mycotoxins affecting humans up to 1960, which is the time of the discovery of aflatoxin, and to our present knowledge where this problem still persists with Aids, Ebola, and for instance “Nodding Disease.”

Professor Robert Colebunders of Antwerp University Belgium

A Belgian professor and lead researcher on nodding syndrome, Robert Colebunders had said, the disease is caused by black flies, validating separate Uganda government findings to be launched in Pader District.

“And precisely that we can connect with the findings on the same subject of one of the co-writers of our health blog, Secrets Of HIV-Aids and Ebola Facts Journal,’ Wolff Geisler, in his book: “Aids Origin Spread and Healing,” because it is revealed that EIAV contaminated black flies were used to spread retroviruses.”

Robert Colebunders of Antwerp University Belgium was asked in an interview in Kampala; “If it was “conclusive” that bites of infected black flies, which causes river blindness was responsible for nodding syndrome,” he replied: “Yes, it is clear that black flies, that also cause river blindness is causing nodding syndrome.”

But my dearest professor Colebunders? Amice? Do you know that within scientific publications and official reports, there are 58 brand new diseases described in Uganda and Tanzania since 1976, excluding that of animals? And what about an article in the Washington Post of July 7th, 1992, which report the mass death of fish in Lake Victoria because of cancer?

Readers, friends, and Colebunders are you there? What about the devastating publication in the tentative Science Journal in1994, which is 1978, reported a certain mysterious brain disease in about 20 percent of all lions in Tanzania? The lions developed mysterious brain diseases because of the spread of mycotoxins into the air ending in Lake Victoria.

Another Belgian colleague of Colebunders is professor Guido van der Groen, who once said that “Ebola was made in Fort Detrick USA and Belgian authorities gave permission to Hillary Koprowski to vaccinate millions of Africans with contaminated polio vaccines causing Aids.”

A child suffering from nodding syndrome

This statement was made in an interview he made with Humo, one of Belgium’s leading news magazines but years later changed his statement to avoid ‘lynching.’ At least he admits that Ebola was man-made so my dear Robert, now it’s your turn. Robert Colebunders and Robert Gallo, what’s in a name?

My dear colleagues, amides, I will explain to you that children developed eating and cold-induced atonic seizures (with head nodding) and generalized seizures during periods of community displacement when food sources were unreliable and food quality was compromised. 

For instance, the seed of Sorghum bicolor, an important food source during displacement, was collected in a region with Nodding Syndrome. Food loaded up with mycotoxins spread in the open air and eaten by innocent people! Toxins ended up in bacteria and parasites on food and also on the ground. Bacteria and mycotoxins in parasites are like Onchocerca volvulus and the black fly.

The seed extracts were subjected to a multi-mycotoxin LS-MS/MS assay for 87 analytes. Among other mycotoxins, beauvericin (BEA) was identified and confirmed by comparison with a standard using both multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) and enhanced production scans.

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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