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How The American Journalists Deceive The World To Cover Up Bill Gates’ Diabolical Agenda

Bill Gates and the ‘Financial Times’ journalist, Vanessa Kortekaas

The media is known to play a significant role in education, awareness, and keeping everyone updated about global events. However, there are hundreds or probably thousands of pieces of evidence that reveal the American media cover-up crimes committed by Bill Gates in third world countries, including that of Africa.

Despite the media, such as BBC, CNN, Fox News, and many others often showing programs on Africa, these media have done more harm to Africa than good. There are no media in America, Britain, and other advanced countries that don’t know the medical crimes Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does in third world countries, including that of Africa.

Those deceptive and corrupt media, instead, like to interview Bill and Melinda Gates to deceive the world that they are actually helping Africa, and since many Africans have trust issues with their leaders because of their corruptible nature, they easily believe that Bill Gates is indeed helping Africa to get rid of diseases and poverty on the continent.

One of such interviews with Bill Gates was by a ‘Financial Times’ journalist, Vanessa Kortekaas. (Her surname ‘Kortekaas,’ meaning ‘Short cheese,’ seems she might or her descendants are either from Holland or Belgium, two European countries that committed horrible crimes against humanity in Africa, during the colonial era.

Vanessa Kortekaas opened the interview with ” The population of Africa is set to almost double by 2050, raising fears of that progress and fighting poverty and diseases will be reversed, so what can be done to ensure that poverty can’t be increased? And how can the disproportionally large youth population help drive progress? 

She then invites Bill Gates to answer questions, saying “with me to discuss this, and more is Bill Gates.” Her first question, “Bill, are we in a turning point where retrogression is a real risk? And Bill Gates starts with ” first the progress or last several decades been pretty amazing, reducing child mortality death and getting kids to school……..”


This is how Bill Gates begins to infiltrate the minds of people, especially in poor countries, (who don’t know this wolf in sheep’s clothing) with lies and deceptions to cover up his diabolical agenda in the third world countries. 


(Without breaking any rule of Google, I have been blocked for over a year now for uploading videos from Youtube. That is part of the suppression of information.)

If Vanessa Kortekaas is an intelligent journalist who probably studied history at school and therefore, qualified to be a journalist at the ‘Financial Times,’ she should have known that firstly, poverty was created in Africa through slavery, Apartheid, and colonialism. And secondly, the only disease in Africa was malaria, so if she is talking about diseases, then where did the rest come from?

The deceptive media, such as CNN, BBC, and The Financial Times, continue to attribute Africa’s woes and suffering to diseases but apart from malaria, the diseases such as HIV-Aids, Ebola, Kaposi’s sarcoma, Burkitt’s lymphoma, Lassa fever, and nodding disease, were artificially created by the US, Britain, Holland, German, France, and Belgium, and deliberately inflicted on black populations in Africa.

Meanwhile, in America, African-Americans were also deliberately inflicted with diseases and being used for experiments. Why is the world so cruel that people have no fear of God at all in them? Why can’t they give the truth a little chance to reign in politics? 

Why do governments and politicians continue to commit crimes against humanity without remorse, yet lying every time? Is it true that the world is in the hands of Satan as people are now saying all over the world? We must believe this because something terrible is happening in this world today and journalists are scared to speak about them.

As the world leaders of advanced countries, the media, including CNN and BBC, continue to cover up the medical crimes of Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and the US government in Africa. They have supported their crimes to our detriment, as being ravaged by COVID 19 today.

Despite the pieces of evidence of Bill Gates medical crimes in the third world countries, the North Korean and Russian leaders, (Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin) accusations of Bill Gates spreading and testing Ebola in Congo, and finally, the call of Bill Gates’ arrest by the Italian Congress Woman, Sara Cunial, Bill Gates is being protected by the American media and the World Health Organization.

Unfortunately, the American media, especially CNN, the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and the US government, have lost focus to acknowledge the fact that Africans and African-Americans are now aware that there are some people out there that want to kill them, through HIV-Aids, and Ebola, and now under our nose the coronavirus is killing African-Americans than any race in the world.

Stupidly or carelessly, there was a video in which Melinda Gates talking about vaccines said “They deserve to get this vaccine first and from there you are deteriorating other countries, to make sure the most vulnerable population get it. In our country, that will be blacks and native Americans.” 

How would Bill and Melinda Gates feel if African-Americans are listening to this? Will they be happy to go for the new COVID 19 vaccine introduced in the United States of America? These are the people that governments that say they are fighting against crime must demand questions from, instead, they have declared war on our articles and suppressing the truth. What a horrible world are we living in?

Governments and individuals like Bill Gates like to commit horrible crimes against humanity in third world countries, yet they fear exposure, turning their lives in the wrong direction to involve in criminal activities on our blogs, yet they pretend they are doing the right thing. In fact, the continuous suppression of health information on our blogs is one of the reasons many fear to go coronavirus today.

No one should declare war on our articles, because it will not stop your problems. It will rather worsen your situation since each published clandestine activity is daily changing the mind of readers worldwide, to acknowledge the fact that WHO, the US government, and Google, are trying to hide the truth from them. 

The is no society that can thrive without genuinely fighting against crime and one of the countries in the world that preaches about democracy, yet failed to address crime issues, is the United States of America. The US government has an enormous appetite to destroy the weak and vulnerable people, yet they can’t stand the suffering they purposely inflict on others.

There is a time for everything, therefore, enough is enough. Africans or black people should be left alone. We have suffered enough. We don’t want any more slavery, Apartheid horrors, colonial brutalities, and the deliberate infliction of diseases, such as HIV-aids and Ebola.

Finally, I will advise Bill and Melinda Gates that they must emulate Donald Trump, whose feet never stepped Africa because they will never be welcomed in any African country. Even if Bill Gates bribes any African leader and goes to Africa, he will surely see the true color of angry African demonstrators.

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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