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Allegations against the Wistar Institute and Scientist Koprowski

Hilary Koprowski’s contaminated vaccine giving to Congolese children in Africa resulted in many diseases, including the outbreak of Ebola in Africa

This is how the media and some journalists deceive and mislead people. When scientist Hillary Koprowski died, on April 15, 2013, writes an Inquirer staff writer, Stacey Burling, ” Hillary Koprowski, a virologist and former director of Wistar Insititute who developed the first polio vaccine and helped to improve rabies for humans, has died. 

The writer didn’t mention Koprowski’s criminal past, including the contaminated vaccines given to Congolese children resulting in the first outbreak of Ebola in Africa. This is what we mean about poor journalism. They only care about the money that goes into their bank accounts every month, not the right information to the public.

The allegations against the Wistar Institute can be read in the book ‘The River by the British journalist Edward Hooper. Hooper finds it exciting to investigate the three laboratories in Germany, France, and England.

Respective commissions were set to examine the vaccines and to investigate those involved. All the concluded results were negative. This loss was later covered by the institutes of scientific articles in medical journals such as Nature and Science.

You shouldn’t be surprised that those who publicly made known the negative results were also present at the aforementioned ‘Pan American Health Organization’ conference.

During Johan van Dongen’s experience in medicine, he knows that fraud, corruption, plagiarism, theft, intimidation, and medical cover-ups are the order of the day. There have been many reports and books written about the fact that between fifty and seventy percent of all research are false, the same applies to the scientists who insist that Ebola and AIDS come from bats and monkeys from the jungle in Africa and the Philippines.

There were no bats and monkeys in France, Russia, U.S.A., and former Czechoslovakia. Precisely those lies, also indicate that masking the disease Ebola and AIDS are indeed a white conspiracy, even though the medical establishment claimed the opposite. Worse still, the media seem unable to depth journalism so as publications, if their companions on their merits follow.

This practice calls journalists not only free but makes them even complicit because they are constantly behind the medical establishment running away for fear of powerful reprisals against falling advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical and medical fields and a possible boycott of medical Mafiosi after placing negative items.

According to Johan van Dongen, Thabo Mbeki does not have the benefit of the doubt about an alleged conspiracy, he’s just right because AIDS is indeed designed and established by political, medical, pharmaceutical, and military orders. 

A meticulously and executed genocide specifically orchestrated against black-skinned groups in our society. Even though the WHO claims that the global population will increase except in Africa because the continent is necessary to accommodate the overcrowding.

For the record:
Histocompatibility Locus Antigen Human Leukocyte Antigen or HLA The HLA system known as the MHC system, which is an abbreviation of the Major Histocompatibility Complex in humans, is a hereditary system of antigens on the cell membranes of nucleated cells and platelets.

They are especially well demonstrated in leukocytes such as lymphocytes. The genes encoding HLA is located on the four linked loci A, B, C, and D of the short arm of the sixth chromosome.

HLA type is essential for organ transplants and is important in the paternity test. The system includes the HLA genes of the organism’s immunity against determining infectious diseases.

The products of the genes comprise four groups of molecules, namely HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C, and HLA-D. The latter is three types namely: HLA-DR, HLA-DQ, and HLA-DP, the HLA, which provide molecules presenting a foreign antigen to T lymphocytes in some autoimmune diseases, certain HLA antigens frequently, genetic association.

Thabo Mbeki proved this extremely important and especially the HLA-DR3 and HLA-DR5 * loci. In people who have blood type HLA-DR3, is because AIDS is much less common in people who have the HLA-DR5 type. Under the Nazi research, it is important to note that precisely the HLA-DR5 type occurs mainly in Jews.

The HLA-DR3 type contrast is very common in dark-colored Africans. In general, you can say that it is harder for blacks to get AIDS than whites. Today’s reality shows us an entirely different picture: the vast majority of AIDS patients are just dark! For blacks is apparently the switch in their inherited property that should protect them properly against AIDS apparently reversed.

The so-called reversed transcript age as retroviruses is genetically engineered by vaccines. This remarkable discrepancy is further accentuated when all scientific research, bad Germans just before, during, and after the Nazi period with western powers continued under the “apartheid regime” of South Africa, placed under the microscope.

Only then shows that black people are suddenly susceptible to pathogens that simple for us should only cause the mild flu. Thus, between 1911 and 1947, not one case of Kaposi’s sarcoma in South Africa was discovered, but after 1949, in large clusters and within dark people communities suddenly turned the case. 

Kaposi’s sarcoma is caused by cytomegalovirus CMV, a virus that causes AIDS. Once the ‘Nasionale Party’ of South Africa came to power, there were the first twenty-five pages of the South African Medical Journal.

The South African Journal of Clinical Science is devoted to this disease. In a striking comparison, it is the fact that officials in the early eighties when AIDS emerged, the first thirty publications on AIDS worldwide, the first twenty-two of the American Center for Health CDC were.

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We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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