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The enslavement of black people by America

Blacks enslavement in the United States of America

Dark-skinned people (Africans), had been captured and sold to various parts of the USA since 1619. Of the original colonies that first made up the USA, there were Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey, officially slave owners until the end of the Civil War in 1865, while Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island until 1840.

Although slaves were legally forbidden to read or write, the jubilee year 1794/96, brought problems for the mostly Christian slave owners who used the Jewish Torah to support their arguments. Except for Georgia, all the states mentioned above prohibited the import of slaves in 1786, as a precautionary measure.

And legalized it again once the jubilee year was over. Approximately, One million slaves from Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, were forced to go to Kentucky in 1790, to Tennessee in 1800, to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana in 1820.

Then to Arkansas, Michigan, and Ohio in 1813, to Wisconsin and Florida in 1840, to Texas in 1850, and to Kansas in 1860. Their slave status was officially revoked in 1865. However, neither they nor their descendants were compensated for murders and abductions that occurred during their slavery.

The “Society for The Colonization of Free People of Color in America,” American Colonization Society (ACS) for short, was founded in Washington on December 21, 1816. This influential organization was supported by US President Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, and remained in existence until 1964.

It was officially intended to establish an “American Empire in Africa,” allowing “free blacks” from the USA to settle in Sierra Leone, and neighboring Liberia, in the north of West Africa. However, the ACS had another purpose to conceal the further abduction and transport of African people to the USA.

The US Navy had patrolled the African coast for American slavers (with three warships – authors note) since 1839 – but in 20 years had captured only two slave ships, although in the Congo, for example, there were many vessels awaiting human cargoes. 

Between 1856 and 1860, 90,000 slaves were abducted and transported to Cuba alone, all on US ships, the American flag was prostituted on a shameful scale. Boston, New York, and Philadelphia (the term used for Jewish bankers -author’s note) have so much interest in the business.

Slave ships had certain design characteristics that made them recognizable even while they were being constructed in the shipyards in the USA. large containers and water extraction devices, and installations that later accommodated the typical steerage decks.

The British and American overseers off the African coast had ships of this type loaded with lumber for constructing the steerage decks and with rum, cigars, firearms, gunpowder, iron bars, stoneware dishes, and typical colorful cotton cloth; they were crewed by the Spanish and Portuguese sailors, who were paid higher wages than average, and carried large quantities of currency (gold) and duplicate ship’s papers.

They could easily have identified and sunk the ships, but systematically refrained from doing so. From 1859, the US government allowed four steamships to cruise off the coast of Cuba. In 1860, these steamships took prisoners on board from three US slave ships, the “Wildfire, from Congo, the William from Congo and the Bogota from Wydah.”

Four hundred and twenty adults, and 1,320, children aged between 12 and 16, a total of 1,722 people were abducted here and loaded on board the three ships. 1,510 of them were captured alive by the US Navy off the coast of Cuba, while 212 allegedly died beforehand.

After two months in Key West, Florida, 1,146 of them were forced to board three ships for the journey to Liberia; 364 supposedly died on the voyage to Liberia, meaning that only 881 arrived. ON March 31, 1861, 781 of the people shipped from Congo and Wydah were still living in Liberia. 

As already mentioned, 212 people died on board the slave ships. Another 729 died or were sold into slavery while under the protection of the US government. The owners and operators of the three ships were acquitted by the US court.

In 1820, the “Elizabeth,” transported three white agents and 88 immigrants to Liberia for the ACS, setting sail not from Virginia, for example, but from New York. There were 20 black male emigrants and two non-blacks along with 60 women and children.

The “Elizabeth” had two cannons, 100 firearms, 26 pounds of gunpowder, fishing equipment, and a small boat on board. Strangely, the US Navy warship “Cyane” accompanied the small “Elizabeth” to Sierra Leone and then to Sherbro Island for unloading.

Just three weeks after their arrival, the three whites and 22 emigrants had died of yellow fever (brought with them- author’s note.) The survivors quickly left the Island and waited in Sierra Leone for new instructions. 

The crew of the “Cyane” reported these events in the USA, whereupon a few white agents and 33 black settlers were sent from Virginia to Sierra Leone on board the “Nautilus.” In July 1820, the Jewish physician, Dr. Eli Ayers was sent from New York to Liberia on board the US warship “Shark” and the warship “Aligator.”

The US Americans used weapons to force a landing of Providence Island. As on Sherbro Island, many of the settlers fell ill. However, the rest were joined by 55 more black settlers and supplied with materials for the colony, all transported by the US warship “Strong.” 

The US government concluded a contractual agreement with the settlers allowing freed slaves who had been captured from slave ships to be stationed there. There is evidence that slaves captured from Congo were accommodated there from 1824 on.

These had allegedly been rescued by Americans in the middle of the ocean. The treatment of these slaves in Liberia and their sale in the USA makes it clear that despite the transportation of one million slaves from Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, to 14 other US states, the number of slaves in these coastal states increased.

For example, by 200,000 between 1820 and 1830. From 1808, the year the US government passed the Slave Trade Act prohibiting the transportation of slaves, to 1867, the year slavery was ostensibly abolished, 300,000 people were sold as slaves in Richmond, Virginia, alone.

The prominent ACS member, John Randolph, was, therefore, right in saying that “the return transport of freed slaves, would actually safeguard slavery.” 

The Liberian descendants of the “Free People of Color of America, who make up 2% of the population, cruelly dominated their fellow Liberians at the command of their principals in the USA for a period of 132 years, only ceasing to do so in 1980.

In the year, 2014, under the Obama administration, Liberia is one of the countries struck by the biological weapon Ebola and those responsible, the US government, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control, until today, lied bats are responsible.

Culled from the book, ‘The Jubilee Murders, Originators and Methods of Mass Murders,‘ by Dr. Wolff Geisler, one of the medical writers on our authentic health blog “Secrets of HIV-Aids and Ebola Facts Journal.

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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