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Operation Abraham and the deliberate spread of HIV through circumcision

Through circumcision, HIV was deliberately spread

Although traditional circumcision is associated with a higher incidence of HIV in 15 African countries, various organizations in Israel saw fit to lunch ‘Operation Abraham,’ in 2006, supposedly to curb the spread of HIV in Africa.

Twenty million men in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Rwanda, and Senegal were to be circumcised by Israelis and local helpers by 2016.

The Bible describes how the Israelis killed all adult males in the city of Shechem with the aid of circumcision. On December 6, 2011, in regards to World Aids Day, the then US president, Barack Obama, announced in Geneva:

The US government would be financing the circumcision of 4.7 million men in Eastern and Southern Africa, by the end of 2014, as part of the PEPFAR Program. In Washington, ‘Operation Abraham,’ was represented by “Tifereth Israel.”

The US Military HIV Research Program – MHRP, was active in Kenya – Kericho, Tanzania – Mbeya, in cooperation with the Federal German Ministry of Health, in Berlin, Uganda – Kampala, and Mozambique – Maputo.

The companies, Nike, Nokia, Facebook, and Pfizer, were also active in the fields of Aids and circumcision in Kenya and Botswana, as part of their ‘Global Business Coalition.’ 
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the USA National Institute of Health, and the World Health Organization funded the three misleading circumcision studies in Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa. 

By then, the World Health Organization has already funded mass circumcision in Kenya. In two regions where almost all the men had been circumcised, the incidence of HIV rose sharply to 8.3% in Kenya’s coastal region.

Male circumcision led to an increase in HIV infection among women in Uganda. In Zimbabwe, where one million men were to be circumcised between 2013 and 2015, there were 7% more new cases of HIV among circumcised men than among uncircumcised men.

Dr. Wolff Geisler and Joel Savage

In 2012, David Gosselquist proved that 15% – 31% of HIV – positive children in African countries, had become infected before the age of five, as a result of medical procedures, while their mothers were HIV – negative.

The circumcision performed as part of ‘Operation Abraham,’ consequently spread HIV -Aids through African countries.

Culled from Dr. Wolff Geisler’s “The Jubilee Murders – Originators and Methods of Mass Murders.”

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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