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Gregory Isaacs speaks to Joel Savage

Gregory Isaacs and Joel Savage

Reggae superstar Gregory Isaacs has rocked the world with his uncountable hits in the field of reggae over the past thirty years. Known in Jamaica as “The Cool Ruler” due to his slow style of cool melodious love tunes, the star was born in 1951, in Kingston-Jamaica. 

Gregory died at the age of 59, after a long illness at his London home on Monday morning.

His numerous hits which include “Night nurse, Mr. Brown, Slave Market, Black Liberation Struggle, Diplomatic fools, Not the way, Hard drugs, made the ultimate reggae star unique and gained international stardom. 

On May 2, 2008, supported by a Jamaican reggae group called “Live Wyya” Gregory thrilled the audience that one of the ladies that night gave him a bunch of rose flowers.

After performing live, we sat down for a conversation of which I want to share with reggae fans worldwide.

Joel: It’s over thirty years when you stormed the reggae world. You are still serious in the field of reggae. What has kept you strong all these years?

Gregory: Jah is my guide, my light, and my salvation.

Joel: You have released a great number of hits, including “Hard Drug” which hit the British charts in the middle of the eighties, could you please tell me which of your albums had that song and which of your albums is the best?

Gregory: To me, the best of everything hasn’t come out yet and that song is on the album “All that I have is love” The second version.

Joel: Often great reggae stars are tainted with scandals many times, which led them to jail. Do you think it’s just a way to ruin their career or frustrate them because they often sing against the government?

Gregory: Well some people do good things and others do bad things. But when people are in control they could do whatever they want because they can. Also, the devil is everywhere. Gregory then laughed hysterically

Joel: I always asked any reggae star I interviewed the same question. All over Africa, the name Gregory Isaacs is regarded as one of the greatest stars in reggae music. However, have you ever visited any of the reggae countries?

Gregory: Yes I have been all over Africa. I have been to Zimbabwe, Ghana, Gambia, and Ethiopia. I have been right there truly speaking

Joel: Reggae music is a crowd puller, everyone loves it. You can imagine the fans that came to watch you tonight. Everywhere is fully jammed. But why is the music given less recognition if compared to other music?

Gregory: The music is sensitive because of the truth. Bob was once asked in an interview that reggae preaches violence. Bob said positively that before rasta came on the scene, there was violence. The truth is bitter to swallow, sharper than an arrow piercing through the flesh.

Joel: As a family man, how many children do you have?

Gregory: Eleven children.

Joel: When you finally retired in music, what do you think would be your next ambition?

Gregory: Those who need uplifting shall be uplifted but physically and financially men are at the form and the work shall continue.

Joel: What advice do you have for your numerous fans worldwide over drug abuse?

Gregory: It only loves; the love of God could conquer drug abuse

Joel: Mr. Isaacs, thank you very much for this interview.

Gregory: Jah love.

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We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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