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Why Snoop Dogg should respect himself never perform live in Belgium

Left, the crime of King Leopold against children, middle, Snoop Dogg and right, the statue of the mad king that committed those atrocities in Africa

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, alias Snoop Dogg, please, freedom, equal rights, and justice, though they claim to exist for everyone, as you already know, they don’t exist for black people. The black man needs to fight for them before a little part of it can be given to him.

Since the law doesn’t favor a black man, it is the duty of black people to force and die for justice. So aiding, supporting, and abetting crimes against humanity, especially something deliberately done against a particular race that has the same color as you, means you may not be familiar enough with black history.

When George Floyd was brutally murdered in America after decades of the abolition of slavery, the world changed and people, governments, and politicians begin to see things differently around the world because they have realized that things need to be changed before violence erupts. 

Yet still, there are many countries that remain adamant about the deteriorating political issues relating to black people. Belgium is one of them. On the map of Europe, Belgium may appear to be one of the smallest countries, yet their appetite for crimes against humanity is shocking beyond explanation.

More baffling is the negative attitude on issues relating to black people in the country. My question, Snoop Dogg, if there is no statue of Hitler for killing a Jew or Jews, why for God’s sake should there be a statue of Leopold II, a mad and greedy king who masterminded the torture and killings of millions of Africans?

Do you feel okay and happy to perform a musical concert in such a country, whereby no Jew musician can honor such an invitation?

I am living in Belgium for the past twenty-one years, I have never committed any crime against anybody, yet the crimes the Belgium government and Google have committed against me with impunity because of the truth I write would have taken me to prison for many years if I should have committed the same crimes against them.

I have said it over and over that, I don’t need Google’s search engine to make me what I am today because the kind of articles I write don’t need an advertisement. I have thousands of readers on social media hungry to read what I write, yet, the jealous Belgium government and Google, interested in money and crimes against humanity, continue to block my readers’ access to read what I write.

I can’t simply understand. What do they really want from me? I am not a slave, both physically and psychologically for anyone including Google and politicians to tell me what to write. No, I don’t kowtow for criminals or an empire of deceitful enemies and nation wreckers, therefore, nobody can change my identity as a writer.

The kind of articles I write has even made me famous than any Belgium journalist. Who doesn’t know the African writer called Joel Savage? This is what has been scaring the Belgian government, its corrupt royal family for years. However, I will continue building the foundation of my legacy until the time I will go into my grave.

Crimes are now normal things to do, therefore, Google and the Belgium government keep harassing me and manipulating my articles by breaking links and diverting some to 404 errors with impunity. 

Even though I have no power to defend myself because the is no law for the black man, I am very glad that some organizations have taken a keen interest in what is unfolding between Google and me, which in the future, whether dead or alive, they will use against the search engine company, for sure.

Recently, someone asks permission from me if they could use one of my articles for the book he is writing. It was there I knew how far my articles have reached, causing panic and fears in criminal organizations, governments, corrupt health institutions, and politicians.

Snoop Dogg, you need to cancel this concert, if you respect yourself and above all, the entire black race. If Belgium says they care about humanity, then I give them three months from now to demolish that stupid and senseless statue of King Leopold II. 

If not, the government and Google should stop harassing me and my readers for writing the truth because nobody can fight against the truth.

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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