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Cytomegalovirus experiments on South African and Senegalese children

South African and Senegalese children were deliberately infected with Cytomegalo Virus

Since Cytomegalovirus infections are not naturally epidemic, and since 99% of the infections hit African children, this obviously must be attributed to an intentional form of infection with a new virus. According to our present-day definition, these were all Aids cases.

The first reports of Cytomegalo Virus-infections only affected premature babies and syphilitic children. In 1925, VonGlahn described for the first time an adult woman suffering from Cytomegalo Virus infections in New York, in 1935, oddly, Hamperl from Berlin reported on a woman from Moscow, roughly 1500 kilometers away, and again in the same year, the Dutchman, Hartz, reported on two Chinese and one Malaysian woman from Bavaria, 6000 kilometers away.

In 1941, Hartz reported on a ‘colored’ woman in Curacao. The long distances up to the sites of discovery and the fact that black people were predominantly affected, despite the fact that these are are ten times less susceptible to these diseases than white people, is remarkable. 

According to the present-day definition, these were all Aids cases. Already in 1935, animal experiments carried out with Cytomegalo (CMV) in St. Louis, Missouri, financed by the Rockefeller Institute were published. 

The majority of human Cytomegalo Virus infections were reported there, as well as in 1953, the first Aids cases with CMV in a 28-year-old man, which was reported by Huminer. From 1957 to 1966, there were 92 fatal cases in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg in South Africa.

Twenty-five children aged more than one month in Dakar, Senegal, were reported to be dying from CMV infection. Up to that time, there had been ten comparable cases reported on in the whole world. The diseases set in after an outbreak of measles. 

Ninety-one of the mentioned children were black people and one white. The cause of the death among the children was cited as: 

“Sudden increase of virulence in the local strain. The strains of the virus responsible for this disease have invasive properties beyond those encountered in the usual strains of herpes simplex virus.”

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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