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The development of the Aids virus in chronological order

The Aids virus

The first announcement of inserting dangerous microorganisms into humans

In 1882, Koch presented his disastrous findings of contaminated TBC vaccines at a meeting of the Berlin Physiological Society. Nowadays almost nobody knows how disastrous these first steps have been because Koch’s vaccine causes TBC. 
As a consequence of these inoculations, thousands of children and adults died, because of Koch’s contaminated vaccine.

Statement of Koch in 1882

“Because of contamination by vaccines no man on earth is free of viruses after inoculation with agents made in animals. And when people get sick then we’re working against it now and in the future by making a drug in animals.”

Statement of Johan

These first vaccinations by this famous pioneer Koch were the beginning of inserting or administrating animal micro-organisms into the human immunological system.

In 1904 the Germans von Ribbert and Jesionek published in the German journal “Münchener Medizinische Wochenschrift”, the discovery of the herpes Cytomegalovirus. A virus which can be connected with the development of Aids.

Aids viruses with strange names, such as ATL, LAV, HTLV, and mycosis or fungicides, pointed to the one thing only, “THE AIDS CAUSING RETROVIRUSES. The comparison between the pictures of Dutch researcher Elisabeth van der Loo with those of the other nominees does not lie, they all look like that of the herpes CMV virus, discovered by the Germans von Ribbert and Jesionek and published in the German journal “Münchener Medizinische Wochenschrift” in 1904.

The funny thing is that these CMV-like viruses through phagocytosis are able to feed the Aids-causing virus. None other than the actual discoverer of the Aids virus, Luc Montagnier, showed that the CMV virus is completely identical with the Equine ImmunoDeficiency virus EIAV of horses! HORSE AIDS! A virus that also had the same properties as the viruses found in goats, cows, monkeys, and pigs. According to him, it was a virus used by Nazi German scientists to depopulate the world by the extermination of specific races.

So at least not only monkeys are involved because Montagnier’ scientific colleagues and everyone else uttered a cry of surprise, when they found out that the Aids virus is identical to that of horse Aids-causing virus, and these viruses in cell culture, only start to increase when it is added to CMV.

Rockefeller Institute for medical research 1902

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research was established in 1902 in New York and fully sponsored by its namesake John D. Rockefeller. 

It turns out that in the year 1938, the investment of John and his family in the American Health Sciences, was higher than the total sum that the US federal government in health care spends, nobody frowned and there was not even appeal when it appeared that the World War II, turned the entire American medical science at Nazi German, scientific models.

Japanese Commission (1914) Report on the results obtained by the special committee for the investigation of infectious anemia of horses (horse aids). Tokyo Horse Administration Bureau.

1915 collision between Rockefeller, I.G. Farben (Consisting of Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst)

In 1915 focussed oil billionaire Rockefeller, of  “The Rockefeller Foundation”, to invest in the lee of the general interest of billions of dollars in the targeted building a new billion industry, the pharmaceutical investment industry. 

The US Rockefeller cartel and the German I.G. Farben cartel – consisting of Bayer, BASF and Hoechst collide with enormous greed. After this collision genetic studies of the Germans were funded by the U.S. Rockefeller Foundation.

Luhrs (1919) Die Ansteckende Blutarmut der Pferde (Horse Aids). Z. Vetkd., 31: pag. 369-440.

Translation: Infectious Anaemia of horses (horse aids)

Luhrs (1920) Ist das wechselfieber der Pferde (Horse Aids) auf den Menschen ubertragbar. Z. Vetkd. 32: 89-95.

Translation: Is it possible to contaminate humans with horse aids?

Lipschutz B. (1921) Untersuchungen uber die Atiologie der Krankheiten der herpusgruppe. Arch. Dermatol. U Syph.: 428-482.

Research about the use of herpesviruses such as cytomegalovirus CMV for biowarfare purposes.

World Health Organization about “ANSTECKENDE BLUTARMUT”

A delegation of German officers and physicians, including Luhrs and Lipschutz, visited Tokyo in 1938. They orientated in 1940 army doctor Osamu Hatta and several senior Japanese officers in Germany on biological warfare. (Info book of Ute Deichman, Biologists under Hitler). 

Several research institutions were visited, including the Kaiser Wilhelm Institut fur Anthropology in Berlin and the Behring Werke in Marburg (The first outbreak of Ebola in 1967). 

This institute produced countless famous Nazi scientists including Hans Nachtsheim, who worked under Professor Otmar von Verschuer, the professor who later Joseph Mengele and Klaus Barbie got under his wing. Japan and Nazi Germany committed intensive research into the uses of biological weapons, which has been widely researched which bacteria and viruses can be used for this purpose. 

While Japanese military doctors mainly ‘research’ committed cholera, typhoid, and plague bacteria, the attention of German biomedical was focused on the application of common infectious anemia in horses (horse aids or Ansteckende Blutarmut). 

The virus that causes this disease is now as well-known as identical to the human AIDS virus from which its discoverer Luc Montagnier nota bene itself once said that this is the horse-AIDS virus. “

Otto R. (1925) Die verwending von Krankheitskeimen als Kampfmittel im Kriege. Berlin Jan. 31. Geheime Kommandosache. Reichswehrministerium, Heeres-Sanitats-Inspektion. Militararchiv Freiburg RH 12-9/v.27:15-32. Here:8.

The use of disease germs as weapons in war.

1926 Donation by the Rockefeller Institute

Rockefellers & the roots of Eugenics:‘America funded Germany’s eugenic institutions. By 1926, Rockefeller had donated some $ 410,000 — almost $ 4 million in 21st-Century money — to hundreds of German researchers. In May 1926, Rockefeller awarded $ 250,000 to the German Psychiatric Institute of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, later to become Hitlers’ Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry.

On November 9, 1929, comes to a historic agreement: two cartels divided the world among themselves. The Rockefeller group is assigned the global oil trade, IG Farben, the global trade in chemicals.

From 1925 to 1945 Hoechst was part of I.G. Farben the formerly world’s largest chemical cancer under the auspices of Hitler.

In 1935 the American Rockefeller Foundation laboratories St. Louis, Missouri, USA

After the arrival of the Nazis in 1933, the genetics course isn’t different from elsewhere. Indeed, at that time, the genetic study of the Germans well into the thirties was funded by the U.S. Rockefeller Foundation.

Herpes disease that was ten times more common in Caucasians than in black children was used in experiments by scientists, funded by the powerful American Rockefeller Foundation since, 1935 and after the war, in one of its main laboratories in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Further inquiry revealed the virus suddenly appeared in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg in South Africa. Oddly, the African Negro population observed the first symptoms of the disease like influenza and measles, but all quickly died one after the other on the effects of CMV, a virus originally found almost exclusively in white-colored people.

You should know that the virus normally hasn’t any reputation to be an epidemic-causing microorganism. More surprising is to mention that after the first CMV deaths in South Africa had fallen, the ratio which became increasingly distorted over time was drawn.

In 1935 John D. Rockefeller appointed the Swiss fascist and scientist Ernst Rudin

In 1935 John D. Rockefeller appointed the Swiss fascist and scientist Ernst Rudin as the head of both institutes, the Nazi German Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry and the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology.

1936 East African virus research Institute Entebbe Uganda

The biowarfare laboratory was established in 1936 by the International Division of the US Rockefeller Foundation. At that time, it was called the Yellow Fever Research Institute.Later it changed into the East African virus research Institute.

Nazi Klaus Fischer declared in 1943 the use of eugenics for Nazi ideology

In any other country until the arrival of the Nazis in 1933, the genetics course isn’t different from elsewhere. Indeed, at that time, the genetic study of the Germans well into the thirties was funded by the U.S. Rockefeller Foundation.

According to insiders, it went wrong when geneticists knew their full-service appointees of the ruling Nazi ideology. Klaus Fischer made it known in a German newspaper in March 1943, with the quote: It is a rare and special good fortune for our German theoretical science to flourish, especially in a time when the prevailing ideology welcomes it, and that its findings immediately can be made subservient to the politics of the state. 

But, for what values then no genes exist? At least not the values themselves and if you’re already doing research on certain values, we are not in a prohibited area of the Nazi’s genetics.

1955 Hillary Koprowski, an American of Polish origin, decides to develop a new method of vaccine to eradicate the polio problem quickly

Albert Bruce Sabin 1956

To implement its first major immunization, Koprowski settled in the Belgian Congo. He built a laboratory at Camp Lindi! in Stanleyville, now called Kisangani, and finally vaccinated all-black animal keepers with contaminated Chat l-type vaccine. Apparently, the results to him were satisfactory. 

As quickly as possible, he rounded up the people in the northeast of the present Federal Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi to vaccination stations. This took place in the fifties.

On May 14,1956, Sabin published an article in the British Medical Journal, explaining that he has found an unknown cell-killing virus in the polio vaccine of Koprowski.

And this exchange of micro-organisms have changed the lives of millions of Africans because they are victims of unbridled experiments of the ruthless military, pharmaceutical, and medical establishments because they inserted aids and hemorrhagic fever viruses as “Dormant Trojan Horses.”

In this way, the American scientist who had vaccinated only black-skinned people massively in the former Belgian Congo did not respond to this serious accusation.

He was never accepted by a committee of American Congress and was called to give an account of how he developed a chat-type vaccine which was indeed very much contaminated with numerous serious monkey viruses. Now it stands that thousands of people in Africa have been inoculated with a dangerous vaccine. Koprowski’s confession quietly made him disappear from the scientific stage.

With the arrival of UN observers in the former Belgian Congo, in addition to the medical assistance offered to get the country Zaire out of the swamp, everything came to light. From then on, the Medici in the former Belgian colony discovered many things to their surprise. It was noticed that a great number of Zairians had become ill after taking Koprowski’s vaccine.

Further investigation revealed that apart from Koprowski’s contaminated vaccine, the polish Americans had used the spray method, including a capsule method on three thousand Poles who were not sick. When the Belgian professor Daniel Vangroenweghe tried to investigate the health situation in Poland, he ran into a wall of reluctance healthcare offices there.

It is incomprehensible that Koprowski should know that he was dealing with a dangerous live vaccine and capsule. What happened exactly would presumably not be traced. As far as the Belgian and American authorities are concerned, he shouldn’t have used that application of the spray vaccine in Zaire and his native country Poland. In regard to children, it is totally prohibited.

The United States Congress was shocked by the relentless flow of allegations causing turmoil in the United States. The Congress resolved only in the nineties. Almost forty years after the first vaccinations, Philadelphia-based Wistar Institute, approached the commission, requesting serious charges on their merits to investigate the contaminated vaccines.

The request from the U.S. government to investigate the production of the polluted polio vaccine due to in-depth research made since the same institute Koprowski prepared the vaccine. Later this gave the established Wistar Panel, consisting of six members a nickname as ‘Wistar Six.’  

The old samples were commissioned to test their merits. More surprising is the Wistar Institute in turn commissioned to investigate the laboratories of the U.S. CDC and World Health Organization (WHO), the two institutions responsible for mass vaccinations in Africa.

It is therefore quite understandable that the two laboratories are never inconclusive about the true infection of the Koprowski’s vaccine. Despite the repeated requests for investigation, they refused to investigate the vaccine from Koprowski and abandoned it for an independent investigation. Indeed, Hillary Koprowski in the sixties and seventies as head of the virology department worked in the same Wistar Institute.

Hillary Koprowski was the vice chairman at a congress in which Luc Montagnier, the discoverer of the retrovirus which causes aid, was to give evidence over the vaccines infected with the SV40 virus. However, it remained that Wistar categorically denied all allegations but, in the ultimate as all Judases perish so shall also the Wistar Institute, the CDC, and WHO.

Nazi Otmar Verschuer in 1956 joined the American Eugenics Society

If we compare these findings to Johan van Dongens’references in his books of the HLA-A, B, C, DR3, and DR5 loci, examined by the Nazis led by Otmar Verschuer, who in 1956 joined the American Eugenics Society and worked on the Rockefeller fund, that the circle is complete. Again Rockefeller and Verschuer who were also head of the Department of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany is evidence.

Plotkin and Koprowski 1959

It was a well-known fact that the vaccine of Koprowski caused very dangerous side effects after they published a scientific article in 1959. Because of a publication by Plotkin and Koprowski, scientists at that time knew a cancer-causing monkey virus–SV-40–was discovered in polio vaccines administered to millions of people. 

SV-40 has been found in brain tumors, bone cancers, lung cancers, and leukemia. SV-40 is transmitted through sexual intercourse, and from mother to child in the womb. Monkeys that were used to make polio vaccines were infected with simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), a virus closely related to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the infectious agent associated with AIDS. 

Some researchers question whether HIVs may simply be SIVs “residing in and adapting to a human host.” Polio vaccines also contain calf serum, glycerol, and other parts of the cow that may have been infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease, a fatal brain-wasting ailment that some researchers link to Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), it’s the human equivalent

In 1971 the U.S.A. Congress submitted one hundred million U.S. dollars for an intensive vaccination campaign

Early 1971, the U.S.A. Congress submitted one hundred million U.S. dollars for an intensive vaccination campaign, with the goal of finding a cure for leukemia, a disease that is caused by amongst other agents, “Radiation”

An investigation because of the atomic bomb era. The radiation activates the mycosis fungoïdes and the CMV  viruses and both are the precursors of the dormant HIV virus. And, amongst other agents, the fall out of these atomic bomb tests in the African Sahara causes a radioactive fall out in the sub-Saharan countries which, together with contaminated Aids causing vaccines, provided the environmental factors as discussed.

1971 Noticed that the Aids virus was not detected yet.

Statement Westbroek 1972

In 1972, during a meeting discussion, Johan heard about his work in the field of organ transplantation, one of his professors and mentor saying; “This damn virus”! Johan replied: You mean the  “Cytomegalovirus CMV?” Because Johan knew of a revealing discussion which to Johans’mind was pointed to the origin and spread several diseases caused by the Cytomegalovirus CMV.

 “Yes, Johan. That dangerous devil like a virus could be a cross between flu and a herpes virus, built into a bacterium and which takes a look like protozoa such as CMV.”

The words of Professor Dr. Dirk Westbroek had never left Johan because during his forty-two years of investigation into the origin of Ebola and Aids causing viruses his indication and Johans’ conclusion was the same. And this conclusion was right after digging into the university library to read about the scientific work of Krech. This was absolutely the first missing link.

Investigation Johan 1972

The retrospective study shows that the German pharmaceutical company Hoechst at the beginning of the last century, when the Germans occupied Togo and later in Rwanda and Burundi, swayed the substance triacetin, normally used for an experiment on animals, to be tested on black prisoners. 

The Germans used the blacks for the most sinister experiments during or after the trial and death were blind until the effective dose was found.

It is therefore logical for Johan van Dongen to take a look at the publications of those German criminals.

Hillary Koprowski, because the latter injected the living with aids- and cytomegaly viruses and perhaps many other micro-organisms contaminated vaccines into hundreds of thousands of innocent Africans. It is obvious that this is the path Johan has to follow.

1973 Table of Krech (Cytomegalovirus contamination worldwide

Presence of antibodies against cytomegalitis in blood donors in cities of all continents in Summary of Krech published in1973. It appears to be that 100%  of all Africans were infected.

 Within Krechs’ empiric study in the early seventies, he described the prevalence of CMV worldwide and the strange percentages of CMV in blood donors of certain countries. CMV is a disease that causes mini-Aids and is also the cause of Kaposi sarcoma, which can be noticed by big brown spots all over the body, and deadly pneumonia.

But, the most important difference is that Westbroek was talking about the receivers of an organ transplant, who are administered terrible medicines called cytostatica named immuran and prednisolone, and Krech was talking about blood donors. Furthermore, immuran is an agent containing a substance of musterdgaz, a biowarfare product. With both these agents, if administered sufficiently, you could totally wipe out the immune system which can be compared with Aids.

When Johan started to read the publications of Krech and Johan Clemmensen of CMV infection, a virus that also causes Kaposi’s sarcoma, in the early seventies, he did not know what was going to happen to him in the near future. Gradually he was clearly aware of how incredibly large the world population and animals have infected with this virus and why is it that this terrible disease has taken thousands of black people to their untimely grave.

In the early seventies, when many academic leaders gathered in Tokyo, Japan, John Clemessen, the benevolent scientist presented his carcinogenic virus topic. He explained the fact that in 1943, the Germans occupied Denmark, and under the German leadership, a registration center was set for leukemia in order for Jewish patients to register. I read to my astonishment, together with the declaration of Clemessen in 1973, in the catacombs of the pharmaceutical factory in Solvay Duphar Weesp, in the Netherlands, I found out a complete cure, with all the literature on AIDS in the basement.

During the presentation of his story, Clemessen suggested nothing more or less, than for military reasons, to stop producing virus vaccines against children in Africa and leukemia in radioactive causing AIDS. Strangely, not only antibodies against the AIDS virus were found in children in the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Zimbabwe, but also the ‘equine infectious anemia virus “in horses that causes AIDS. 

Then I knew the source of that story about the AIDS horse, which I had earlier read in the medical annals of Nazi Germany when it was still called the “ansteckende Blutarmut der Pferde.” (Translated: Infectious anemia of horse.)

1974  Paul Berg of Stanford University pointed to the danger of using the SV40 virus

The experimental trial, error methods, and shotgun experiments, which results are highly unpredictable in laboratories, are longstanding scientific commonplace that nobody makes a fuss about. The practice of science is taking the risk, scientists say, but on the basis of provisional results, these experiments continue in the Third World Countries. 

It is reprehensible, so lengthy unknown whether such experiments are fatal or not, without any consideration for the future generations.

About the potential dangers of working with recombined DNA molecules, Paul Berg of Stanford University in the United States, in 1974, published an article in Science journal, in which he particularly pointed to the danger of using tumor viruses as SV40 virus, for example, when creating vaccines. In addition, he said that linking viruses bacteria, normally found in the gut prevent life-threatening conducive.

For if the chance to escape the recombination can, according to him no prediction of what the consequences will be because the infected bacteria does not distinguish what the healthy will be. In Paul Berg’s writings, he repeatedly appeals to all scientists around the world to waive certain experiments, because, at the last minute, only catastrophes against humanity can occur.

Nevertheless, scientists and military, as well as medical establishments all over the world continue extensive experiments in especially Africa. 

They simply believe that it should be possible by using such simple recombination and cheaper vaccines and other biological gene manufacture products. The warning goes on, but apparently not heard by anybody, absolutely nobody but a few. But what is a warning as DNA-recombination techniques have already hit Africa?

Upjohn Pharmacy 1978

IMMUNOLOGY. A scope publication. By The Pharmaceutical Upjohn Company (1978).

“Clinical Aspects of Immunological Deficiency Diseases

Diseases associated with an immune deficiency can be categorized. It involves an immune deficiency or either cellular immunity or hypersensitivity. Human beings, especially those with no other deficiency, are susceptible to pyogenic infection. 

Usually, humans can cope in a normal manner with viral and fungal infections.” Johans finds also tables and pictures that proved that Aids was induced by vaccinations which with genetically engineered vaccines could be directed to a specific genetic pattern. 

The immune system of patients could be completely wiped out in comparison with the events that Johan had seen in the Dijkzigt Hospital in the Netherlands. The patients of professor Westbroek showed the same symptoms as depicted in the picture as shown.

“In contrast, patients with a cellular deficiency hypersensitivity following polio- and cowpox and measle vaccinations are particularly prone to certain bacterial, viral and protozoal infections caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, organisms, pneumocystes carinii pneumonia PCP, cytomegalovirus CMV, and pseudomonas aueginosa. Diseases caused by HIV in Aids patients.”

“It is known that in the preparation of such vaccines certain components are included before being released. Let me give you an example: It isn’t secret that the live polio vaccine is also in the inactivated polio vaccine, the two forms of leukemia, which you currently learned on television that contains a possible tumor virus consist namely, the Simian Vacuolating Virus SV40.”

1978; Statement of professor H.H. Cohen, member of the KNAW an advisory board of the Dutch Government, and on behalf of the Dutch Government responsible for the manufacture of dangerous vaccines.

“It is known that in the preparation of such vaccines certain components are included before being released. Let me give you an example: It isn’t secret that the live polio vaccine is also in the inactivated polio vaccine, the two forms leukemia, which you currently learned on television that contains a possible tumor virus consist namely, the Simian Vacuolating Virus SV40.” A virus is used as a vector for the development of aids viruses.

Those tumor viruses (viruses which cause AIDS eds.)  oncogenic and tumorigenic were later traced in polio vaccine and also on an international level within the framework of the WTO, which established requirements that vaccines should meet. 

The wonder is that this international community from many countries in East and West are generally becoming consensus since this issue began to emerge. Partly socially enforced was because they knew that each other’s preparations would recover.

Elisabeth van der Loo 1979

The first in the world to discover the Aids virus is the Dutch researcher Elisabeth van der Loo. She published her data in the science journal Archives Virchow in 1979 and disappeared from the scene. But the picture she showed in her publication about the virus was a “look-a-like” of the CMV virus.

Research group Saxinger 1984

In 1984, a research group of W. Saxinger and his fellow researchers reanalyzedtheStockholm and Freiburg stored frozen blood samples from the 45,000 Ugandan babies and young children. The result was dramatic and revealing. The study showed that within 21% of the collected blood samples from babies the retrovirus HTLV-1 showed up, which is an Aids-causing virus.

Luc Montagnier in 1984 discovered Horse and Human aids were similar

No less than Luc Montagnier, the discoverer of the HIV virus stated that this virus is made out of Nazi eugenics and genetically engineered experiments during the second world war as well as the development of Aids causing viruses in horses. 

In a very talked-about article, he described in the authoritative Annals of Virology: “A new type of retrovirus from patients presenting with lymphadenopathy and acquired immune deficiency syndrome”: Structural and antigenic relatedness with Equine Infectious Anemia Virus EIAV (horse Aids), 1984; 135E: 119-31.

Before 1920, no infection of such a virus was found and certainly not for blacks. It only occurred when the Germans in the context of biological warfare began to experiment and made it available for Jews and dark-colored people in 1938, thus; the reason the first infections became available to blacks.

The CMV is a micro-organism, which in the early twentieth century was deliberately spread on Jews and blacks after they were first made receptive by Dutch, American and German scientists.

What struck Johan most during his study was when he found the first Nazi-Jewish connection to the CMV virus by the German scientist’s Landman R. and Katz L. 1960-1980. The title of their publication made him think about the genetic manipulation of micro-organisms associated with certain genes of a specific group.

Overall conclusion Johan 1992

Depth investigation of over 25.000 scientific articles and books has shown that it is clear at one hand, the two protagonists in the Ebola and AIDS mystery, Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, both the so-called discoverers of the retroviruses and Hillary Koprowski’s polio vaccine which causes AIDS, as well as Jonas Salk and Albert Bruce Sabin at the other hand, have always known that carcinogenic viruses (SV40) in vaccines are responsible for the worldwide AIDS pandemic.

A fact that is certainly supported when one considers that the basis for such atrocities lies in the former laboratories of the Nazis. From the onset of German National Socialism, it was clear what the Nazis were doing to the defeated German and Japanese war criminals. The United States and Japan, as well as Nazi scientists, have written numerous publications on genetically engineered viruses in bacteria for biowarfare purposes.

Artificially fabricated micro-organisms used as an infectious biological weapon could be used against Jews and blacks without the top and white Aryans getting any infection. That was their goal.

In 1973, in the library at the Erasmus University Rotterdam the Netherlands, I discovered in the archives of the assembly of military medics, especially from December 14-18, 1970, when the WHO in a highly selective organized international conference on the application of vaccines against viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases in especially black people. The conference was sponsored by none other than the pharmaceutical giant Merck, Merck Sharp & Dome MSD.

For technical details of the allegation of the deeply frustrated Thabo Mbeki over genetic engineering AIDS virus, specifically targeting the genetic characteristics of blacks, I will refer to the HLA-A, B, C, DR3, and DR5 loci examined by the Nazis, led by Otmar Verschuer, who in 1956 joined the American Eugenics Society, and worked on the Rockefeller-fund, again Rockefeller, Department of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany. You might notice this as a shock. Insiders knew that thousands of blacks in the concentration camps of Hitler’s Germany were killed for eugenics reasons.

During the War, blacks from the Netherlands were allowed to be transported to the zoo, circuses, and shows as ‘Zulu Kafirs’ not only be exhibited but to be disgraced and serve as black-skinned ‘HumanRats.’ Nowadays still some imbeciles believe black-skinned Africans sleep on trees. 

If so, then they are attacked there by mosquito’s which were contaminated with AIDS-causing viruses, as published by Sellers R.F. (1980), Becker (1987), Bulf E. (1987), Lumsden W.H.R. and others.

The half-Jewish physician Dr. J. Fransz Kallmann, who after the war joined the Eugenics Society and its members from 1954 to 1965, claimed one of his worst offenders, Otmar von Verschuer, pleaded for help to escape the degasifications. Kallmann then founded the American Society of Human Genetics, at the first item as the Human Genome Project, which took in hand to the HUGO human genetic identity mapping.

This society cost three billion U.S. dollars, again the Rockefeller institute, continued giving hand to support the susceptibility to certain diseases. This isn’t imagination; it is published in reports by Upjohn and MSD.

The conference participated by over three hundred scientists, comprising the crème de la crème of biological warfare, was held in the rooms of the Pan American Health Organization of WHO. During the conference, Congress challenged the unexpected problems and accusations in the media about an outbreak of disease, after biological experiments in the open air.

This sickening fact experiments were conducted on absent-minded and innocent (homosexual) people in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York by members of the U.S. Department of Defense DOD.

At that mentioned conference were celebrities there like Hillary Koprowski, inventor of the SV40 virus-contaminated polio vaccine, and Stanley Plotkin both employees from The Wistar Institute, Albert Bruce Sabin of the scientific Weitzmann Institute in Israel, and inventor of the genetically modified polio vaccine, Hilleman of MSD and the attendant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases NIAID named Purcell.

Moreover, there were other delegations from the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, the United States Department of the Army in Washington, the Biological Defense Research Center in Fort Detrick, the Navy Department in Washington, the CDC, the National Institutes of Health NIH, and United States Agency for International Development USAID.

But what these selected inventors didn’t discuss for the world to know is lethal substances and micro-organisms were tested in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Congo, South and Central Africa, and many other areas. 

Assisting in carrying out these experiments continually are the Rockefeller Institute, the United Nations, the U.S. Air Force, and Navy, the International Agency for the Research on Cancer, WHO, East African Virus Research Institute, CDC, NIH, USAMRIID, Porton Down, and the Institute Pasteur in the picture.

They build their factories during and directly after the Second World War in the jungle of Uganda and the former Belgian Congo, in Africa, and they picked black-skinned Africans out of the trees they think. It seems to Johan van Dongen that “smartness is a form of stupidity” when the so-called smart ones hurt or kill black-skinned people for criminal biological warfare purposes.

Maybe it’s easier not to award one of those scientists with the Nobel honor, but the research institutions where they worked. Then it does not really matter, because in them one has unlimited laboratories and zealous (free) bacteria and viruses embedded in them to do so, without ever properly realizing the risks that combine re-sticking.

The biomedical science during the past century is such enormous that it can even let Leonardo Da Vinci becomes dizzy in his grave and since they weren’t controlled they could develop extensively. With the high degree of specialization, the scientist pretends to bleed or feign infallibility and if it all goes wrong, it takes the bad scientist’s correct existence to the fact that he can demonstrate that his predecessors failed.

But science is not infallible, but happy and the people who have a business know that’s been proven in history. Most biomedical scientists nowadays dare not to admit that the natural balance of microbes in the microcosm of our planet, through their experimentation on humans and animals is more severe disturbance than the visible reality of oceans and tropical forests. 

They cannot admit that because of the financial interests of their employers, the pharmaceutical industry and the military complex would seriously damage the medical business and that’s not allowed.

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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