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Thoughts of a lady in Kansas about eugenics agenda

Hitler committed a serious crime against humanity in the quest to create a superior race but we have similar people among us today in the developed countries, including the United States of America

Thoughts of a lady in the city of Overland Park in Kansas are from an American, sharing her research about the activities of global depopulation and eugenics. Articles based on similar subjects will be made available to our readers. She writes: 

I have certainly done some digging and was aware of the rumors of Fauci, World Health Organization, and HIV/AIDS, etc. I’ve read “Rockefeller Medicine Men” and have listened to Judy Mikovits and her knowledge of Fauci when they worked together.

I recently found even more interesting info that you are probably already aware of. I came across Edwin Black’s name and his investigation of IBM and its involvement with the holocaust. 

When you look at what Bill Gates is doing now and remember that Gates’ mother was involved with IBM and Gates’ senior’s involvement with eugenics, it’s a pretty eye-opening revelation.

To answer your question involving information… when everyone has access to the same info, as a journalist, how do you know when you’ve found a story? I frequently use to find historical events. It formulates a good timeline without the clutter of the websites. But I continue to search for connections.

I am not sure what I could possibly do here in Kansas but I will say this, I have a bit of an obsessive nature and I can’t seem to stop researching on this topic. I’ve always sat back in awe of stories like this and am amazed at how quickly they get dismissed. I’m more shocked when I tell people in my social circle about these things and see their lack of reaction.

I know it’s easy to get worked up over conspiracies, they can be very exciting. But there’s a difference in a few coincidences surrounding politics and what’s happening today.

I am the calm, quiet type and a rational thinker and will always try to relate to all sides of an argument. But I can’t help but feel like there’s something going on here and our rights are slipping away without us even noticing, and not just in the U.S.

Overall the topic of Eugenics seems to be the main theme over the last 100 years (since 1920). If there’s anything I can do to help let me know.

I love researching and have a lot of time on my hands. Also, Bitchute is a video app that currently does not censor and is a great alternative to YouTube.

It’s not nearly as user-friendly but at least it’s another outlet to inform without censorship. It also has the banned videos of Dr. Simone Gold and her summit.

Thank you again for taking the time to respond, it’s hard to gauge how many people are out there that are similar to me. It makes me wonder if journalists like you get overwhelmed with emails or if it simply hates mail or no mail at all.

So this is the first time I’ve actually ever reached out to anyone. I never post opinions on social media. I’m just tired of spending so much time learning and not doing anything about it. So at the very least, thanks for sharing this research.

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We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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