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Flight MH17 and other clandestine plane crashes

Dutch Safety Board holds Russia responsible for the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 

The downing of TWA 800, Swissair SR111, and MH17, what do they have in common with the crash of Arrow Air Flight 1285?

The Netherlands and Australia say Russia is responsible for shooting down the MH17, which was carrying Aids researchers; however, we are bringing to the world’s attention similar crashes which investigations revealed were deliberately done. 

A US government covert mission to use a nuclear backpack to blow up an Iraqi nuclear facility in 1985, led to the death of hundreds of 101st Airborne troops returning from a peacekeeping mission in the Sinai.

The aircraft was deliberately destroyed in Gander with the loss of 248 Army personnel and 8 crew members on take-off from Gander on December 12, 1985.

The main question is why the Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP didn’t conduct an investigation? Instead, the US Major General John Crosby, arrived at Gander the same day of the crash and tampered with the debris to keep it from souvenir hunters. 

General Crosby had no authority to order anyone at Gander to do anything. He later denied it but Gene Wheaton, a retired US Army criminal investigator, confirmed the order with Canadians at Gander and this we have heard and described before.

Royal Canadian Mountain Police officer Tom Juby

Curiously is that the overall conclusion of Royal Canadian Mountain Police officer Tom Juby, who wrote the book; “Twice as Far: The True Story of Swissair Flight 111 Airplane Crash Investigation” was convinced that the downing of Swissair SR111 was a committed crime, the plane crashed because of an incendiary device.

Within CBC Fifth Estate broadcast on September 16, 2011, it is described how retired Royal Canadian Mountain Police RCMP Sergeant Tom Juby had concerns during the Swissair crash investigation – that it had been declared an ‘accident’ pre-maturely within two weeks after the crash.

The reaction of Tom Juby: “I have doubts about any theory that comes from undisclosed experts.” 

However, regardless of the validity of these articles and its possible connection to the crash, a criminal investigation would have pointed fingers in the direction of the British MI6.” But in fact, also the FBI and CIA appeared in the discussion.

See the Official letter of Charles M Byers to the US House of Representatives underneath.

The crash of  Military Arrow Air Flight 1285

Just after the crash of  Arrow Air Flight 1285, Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for it but neither Canada nor the US pursued the sabotage investigation. Why not? Instead, the Canadian Air Safety Board CASB in a 5 to 4 split decision found that icing on the DC-8CF’s wing surfaces caused the crash. 

But four professionals, all pilots, and several aeronautical engineers, in a minority report, wrote the crash was not caused by icing but probably by fire and explosion on the airborne aircraft.

The Arrow DC-8CF fully loaded with 45,000 liters of jet fuel took off from Gander and seem to have difficulty gaining altitude, according to witnesses. 

Witnesses on the highway saw; “bright glow emanating from the aircraft before it struck terrain just short of Gander Lake and crashed 3,000 feet from the end of the runway.”  Several witnesses reported the plane on fire as it took off from Gander.

The RCMP didn’t conduct a sabotage investigation, how could the plane burn inside while wings and engines were intact?  Instead and contradicting international rules and laws US Major General John Crosby was at the crash scene to tamper with evidence.

General Crosby had no authority to order anyone at Gander to do anything. He later denied it but Gene Wheaton, a retired US Army criminal investigator, confirmed the order with Canadians at Gander.

Moreover, under international law, Canada was responsible for investigating the cause of the crash. Despite available hangar space at Gander, no attempt was made to reconstruct aircraft debris in contrast to the reconstruction of Pan Am 103 in Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988 and other major aircraft disasters. And this event always was in the mind of RCPM officer Thomas Juby.

Breaking news about the possible involvement of CIA and FBI

It is noteworthy to know that public disclosure of an aborted covert mission and CIA involvement would have been breaking news and resulted in calls for the impeachments of Vice President George H. W. Bush and President Ronald Reagan.

An investigative journalist was convinced CIA rouge operatives planted incendiary chemicals and napalm in soda cans at Gander and remotely blew up the aircraft on take-off to prevent a Special Operations team on the aircraft from blowing the whistle on an aborted mission to detonate a nuclear backpack at an Iraqi nuclear facility. 

And that’s exactly why the flames came from the inside of the plane. These journalists linked the National Security Council, the CIA, and Ollie North’s Enterprise to this tragedy.

See the Official letter of Charles M Byers to the US House of Representatives underneath.

What could be the reason to blow a military plane out of the sky?

According to investigators, the aircraft was blown up to prevent a Delta Force team, who boarded the aircraft at the last minute, from blowing the whistle on an aborted suicide mission to use a nuclear backpack to blow up an Iraqi nuclear facility. 

It is to say according to a report from Charles Beyers and confirmed by a journalist with military contracts. Especially Gene Wheaton had evidence that there were two nuclear backpacks and likely TWO anti-tank missiles and Hawk anti-aircraft missiles in the belly of the DC-8.

The Arrow Air Flight 1285 had 3 legs: 1. Cairo to Cologne changed crews and refueled 2. Cologne to Gander refueled and 3. Gander to Fort Campbell

Why did US Major General John Crosby push for the burial of aircraft debris?

The aircraft fully loaded with jet fuel burned for hours after the crash. What was not consumed by the fire was bulldozed by the US government. At the scene, US Army Major John Crosby ordered the debris to be buried immediately. 

But why would the US Army order the bulldozing of aircraft wreckage on Canadian soil is an unanswered question? Crosby disputed the bulldozing order but Gene Wheaton, a skilled criminal investigator, interviewed personnel on-site and had a copy of the hand-written note from a Canadian supporting the order.

The professionals on the CASB concluded that an onboard explosive or incendiary device caused the Arrow Air 1285 crash. Terrorists claimed responsibility for the crash. The US quickly dismissed the terrorist’s claim the same day of the crash.

The FBI report on the crash contained hundreds of redacted pages, which is a strong clue that the politically correct term “national security interests” was in play. Arrow Air 1285, was a charter airline that the NSC used to run guns to the Contras and used to ship TWOs and HAWKs to the Iranians in the Iran/Contra guns-for-hostages scandal.

A few weeks before the crash, the Iranians complained loudly about being over-charged for defective HAWK missiles. The security at the Cairo airport was inadequate and could have allowed the planting of an explosive or incendiary device on the aircraft in retaliation for the defective HAWKs.

Why would the US government send a US Army Major General with no background in air crash investigations to Gander?

And what about lethal doses of carbon monoxide and HCN, hydrogen cyanide within the bodies?

If terrorists were involved, then there’s no reason not to allow the FBI to conduct a thorough investigation to identify the terrorists so that the US could take punitive action. Moreover, forensic evidence reveals a fire onboard the aircraft before impact. 

Wheaton said that “They, the families of dead servicemen,  hired Dr. Cyril Wecht, a world-famous pathologist to analyze the pathology reports on the bodies… somewhere up to 75 to 100 of the passengers on the airplane had inhaled lethal doses of carbon monoxide and HCN, hydrogen cyanide.”

You cannot get that into your system unless it’s inhaled into your lungs…meaning that those troops breathed those poison gases while the plane was in the air, while they were still alive.

Evidence supports a pre-crash explosion, according to Wheaton. This includes; “bodies hanging from trees, unburned trees with burnt bodies hanging from them, and uncovered documents, that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP took, that were not given to the board.

Stating that the plane was on fire as it lifted off the runway and parts were falling off the plane and that it exploded in the air, including the testimony of truck drivers, and civilian airplane pilots at that time.

The detonation of the first instantly ignited and spread add deadly conflagration throughout the body of the aircraft. Deveraux sources suggested that soda cans “placed next to each other in cases of soft drinks” contained the incendiary trigger and napalm-like substance. 

The crew and troopers on the aircraft never had a chance. This has to be one of the most horrible cases of the cold-blooded murder of innocent Americans in the 20th Century.

Charles Byers said that Sergeant Arleigh McCree, the head of the LA bomb squad and a friend, visited him in his Phoenix museum. Byers had samples of his special ordinance devices on display. McCree “saw of these items, he excitedly proclaimed that it was the device that blew up the plane, this was about three weeks after the Arrow Air 1285 crashes.

McCree allegedly told Byers that he would have to “get federal clearance to discuss this in more detail with me.” McCree and his partner were killed in a bobby-trapped pipe bomb four weeks later.
Byers said that he started to ask questions and this led to “difficulties with federal agencies FBI and CIA. 

Following this, a bomb was mailed to Byers but opened by his plant manager who was killed in the explosion. The ‘kicker’ is that Byers said his company manufactured and sold the explosive device identified by McCree exclusively to the CIA.

See the Official letter of Charles M Byers to the US House of Representatives underneath.

Planting of an incendiary device at Cairo airfield

There was an opportunity to plant a bomb at Cairo because the plane flew out without clearing US customs available from the US Army team who were prevented from getting ramp passes to observe the loading of the aircraft by the peacekeeping forces on the aircraft. 

No doubt the nuclear backpacks would have caused some concern on both the part of customs and the Arrow Air 1285 pilot. 

The crash of Swissair Flight 111 in 1998, which killed all the 229 onboard 

Easy answer: don’t give ramp passes to the US Army team responsible for ‘clearing customs’. The nuclear backpacks give support that a Special Operation team was on the aircraft as alleged by Charles Byers.

Other evidence supports a pre-crash explosion, according to Wheaton. This includes sworn statements taken by the RCMP stating that Arrow Air 1285 was on fire as it lifted on the runway and that; “It exploded in the air”.

TOW operators

TOWs were sold to Iran as part of an operation run by Lt. Colonel Oliver North, the White House staffer who was the point man for the Iran/Contra. The Iranians knew they were paying too much for the weapons but they were at war with Iraq and needed the weapons. 

Under these circumstances, it’s unlikely that the Iranians would plant a bomb on the flight that could cut off weapon sales with the US.

BGM-71 TOW “Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided is an American anti-tank missile. TOW replaced much smaller missiles like the SS.10 and ENTAC, offering roughly twice the effective range, a more powerful warhead, and a greatly improved semi-automatic guidance system that could also be equipped with infrared cameras for nighttime use.

US House Intelligence Oversight Committee

Good old Ollie North diverted weapons from US military stockpiles; the inventory procedures in the Sinai peacekeeping force were weak and allowed TOWs and other weapons to be taken from stock and sold to the Iranians. But it still doesn’t answer why TOWs may have been in the belly of Arrow Air 1285 on a flight back to the states?

In a letter to the US House, Intelligence Oversight Committee alleged that the CIA planted a device to blow up the Arrow flight at the Gander airfield. The device was manufactured by Byers’ company and sold exclusively to the CIA.

See the Official letter of Charles M Byers to the US House of Representatives underneath.

Special Operations personnel boarded the flight in Cairo with two nuclear backpacks

Byers alleged that the Special Operations personnel aborted a suicide mission to blow up an Iraqi nuclear weapons development facility to make it seem like an Iraqi nuclear accident. 

This mission “seems to have been under the direction of Lt. Colonel Oliver North.” It may have been aborted when the Special Operations personnel realized they had no chance to outrun the blast from the nuclear explosion.

Byers said that orders were given by the US Government to destroy the plane before it reached the United States. “A bomb was planted during a stop at Gander and remotely detonated shortly after the landing gear retracted upon takeoff…” Then if so who gave the order to kill?

Charles Byers’ letter, dated February 14, 1998, to Congressman Porter Goss, Chairman House Intelligence Oversight Committee, said the CIA planted the explosive device at Gander to murder everyone on the aircraft. 

The motive was to prevent a group of Special Operations personnel from returning to the US and blowing the whistle on the aborted suicide mission to destroy an Iraqi nuclear weapons development facility to make it seem like an Iraqi nuclear accident. 

Byers’s letter stated that the Special Operations Force was under orders from NSC staffer Marine Lt. Colonel Oliver North.

Don Devereux a retired investigative journalist with military contacts, provided information on the Arrow Air 1285 crash

Investigative journalist Don Devereux, a retired military contact, provided information on the Arrow Air 1285 crash. His information was, “This was a CIA-inspired operation in conjunction with Israeli intelligence.”

The investigative journalist said that an Explosive Ordinance Team EOD team from Andrews Air Force Base flew to Gander the same day as the crash and were told to use their nuclear protection gear. The EOD team found a CIA team on the ground already when they arrived at Gander. 

The CIA team had to be have been on the ground when the crash occurred and may have been the ones who set off the incendiary device on Arrow Air 1285, Canadian firemen not warned of the radiation exposure from the nuclear backpacks became sick from radiation exposure. 

And also this phenomenon was in the mind of investigative RCMP officer Thomas Juby, who investigated the Swissair SR111 disaster, after we, investigative journalist Joel Savage and scientist and medical investigative journalist Johan van Dongen, interviewed him.

The US government failed the Special Operations team by sending them on a mission impossible. The team had the legal right to disobey an illegal order to use a nuclear backpack without Presidential authorization under the Uniform Code of Military Justice UCMJ. 

There’s no question that if actions were taken by the team to deviate from orders to return on Arrow Air 1285, they could have expected senior Army officers to threaten them with a court-martial. 

As it turned out, the suspicions of some that their lives and the lives of the other 101st Airborne troopers on Arrow Air Flight 1285 were at risk turned out to be real.

August 2016, a letter from Don Devereux and Robert Romaine, retired Orange County, CA, homicide detective and US Marine Corps Sergeant Major, supporting the need for a sabotage investigation by Canadian authorities to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forwarded to Ralph Goodale, Canadian Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness on April 19, 2017, for his information and consideration. 

Will Canada pursue an independent criminal investigation of the crash, even if the evidence supports that crash and the deaths of 256 Americans were caused by US covert operatives? And yes also Thomas Juby was aware of that!


Investigative journalist Donald Devereux retired print and TV journalist, confirmed Byers’ story with both Israeli and US military contacts. Devereux has followed this story for 30 years.

According to Charles Byers, McCree filed a report on the Gander crash with a US government agency and the CIA. Within a month, McCree and Ron Ball, his partner, were killed in a bobby-trapped pipe bomb in a North Hollywood garage. 

The owner of the property was a Hollywood make-up artist and, at best, an alleged amateur bomb enthusiast. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to prison and died there.

The description of the slave and master pipe bombs that killed McCree and Ball were devices that had to be made by an explosive expert who also was capable of making a Thermite Bomb for Swissair SR 111. And yes Thomas Juby was convinced this was the case.

Arrow Air 1285 is an incident that requires the expertise of RCMP professional investigators such as Thomas Juby to determine who planted the incendiary devices and their motive.

Nevertheless, Deveraux followed up with an interview with Mrs. Edie McCree, the wife of Arleigh McCree. He reported that; “She was informed that their home in San Fernando Valley was placed under Los Angeles Police Department LAPD guard on the day her husband died. 

The security was necessary because her husband was thought to have a copy of a “top secret report” in his possession and authorities wanted to be sure that it didn’t get lost or misplaced in the confusion.”

Several days later four men showed up to retrieve the document. Misses McCree told Deveraux that “two were ex-military officers with links to the CIA,” she recalled.

The third man was an LAPD representative and the fourth man was a locksmith. She was excluded from the room while the search went on for several hours. Mrs. McCree said they left without telling her what they found.

Deveraux confirmed the search for a top-secret document with one man; the other man said something about a search for dangerous munitions. They hadn’t gotten their stories straight. Were they looking for a copy of McCree’s Gander Report and found it?

This is speculation but it’s possible that McCree could have filed a timely report with the FBI or the CIA about his discussion with Charles Byers about the “flash ignition device” sold by Byers exclusively to the CIA, and his report may have gotten him killed.

It’s highly unlikely that McCree, an employee of the LAPD, kept top-secret documents in his home office. The federal government’s requirements on securing top-secret documents would require that they are kept in a locked safe, meeting federal regulatory requirements.

If McCree needed access to a top-secret document, he would have to view the document in a federal location. But, the Gander report filed by McCree could easily have been classified as top secret and hence the need to search his office for a copy to prevent it from becoming public knowledge.

Official letter of Charles M Byers to US House of Representatives

Honorable Portor Goss
Chairman House Intelligence Oversight Committee
US House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.

February 14, 1998
My knowledge of CIA involvement in the crash of the Gander Arrow Air DC-8 and PAN AM 103

Dear Chairman Goss,

My specialized knowledge of ordinance, explosives, and pyrotechnics may provide the missing insights needed to solve several major terrorist crimes. For 15 years my company ACCURACY SYSTEMS ORDINANCE CORPORATION provided specialized explosive devices to law enforcement, the military, Special Forces, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

As you read this letter Accuracy Systems’ former munitions manufacturing facilities in New River, Arizona are under the occupation of the BATF who moved onto the property Sept. 20, 1997, and have been occupying the facilities there at considerable expense to the taxpayers ever since. 

Their intent from the start has been to “blow up” the explosives magazines and burn our former research and development workshop and its contents — and in the process — destroy certain evidence that can link US aircraft bombings to the CIA, a former client of Accuracy Systems.

Specifically, I wish to bring your attention to a device that Sgt. Arleigh McCree, the renowned head of the Los Angeles Police Bomb Squad Unit, felt certain was the device responsible for blowing up the US Army chartered ARROW AIR DC-8 passenger transport that crashed in Gander, Newfoundland December 12, 1985. 

All of the 248 servicemen and the 8-person flight crew died when the bomb exploded immediately after take-off. 

The plane then traveled a short distance in the air before it crashed and burned. Our firm designed and manufactured the responsible device exclusively for, and sold it only to, the Central Intelligence Agency.

This crash, which was the worst military air disaster in the United States history, involved more strange occurrences than any other crash on record. 

While the wreckage still burned on the ground, White House Spokesperson Larry Speaks announced that the plane had crashed “probably as a result of icing on the wings.” This was the official cause that the US government forced on the Canadians, who have subsequently repudiated it.

There are compelling reasons to believe that this air crash involved a nuclear accident.

Within hours of the “crash”, US Army General John Crosby arrived with a Broken Arrow Nuclear Disaster Team, and, without conducting any normal investigation, ordered the area bulldozed over with 6 feet of soil. 

There was a glowing white-hot object the size of a large grapefruit that had burned through the plane and through the body of a stewardess. This object continued to glow “white-hot” for 16 hours even after fire hoses were trained on it.

This is NOT a chemical behavior. It is what can only be expected of a sub-critical core of a nuclear bomb whose explosive shell had burned but did not detonate. The presence of this white-hot glowing object is the key to the motive for the bombing.

Most of the military victims had been part of the 101st Airborne who were returning from Cairo, Egypt, where they were part of the U. N. peacekeeping mission enforcing the Camp David Accords. However, in addition to these troops, there was also a small group of Special Operations personnel who boarded the plane at the last minute.

Investigators claim the government falsified TWA 800 air crash probe

Sources found to be reliable told me that this personnel smuggled a nuclear backpack bomb aboard in Cairo because they had discovered the true nature of their recently canceled hostage rescue mission.

Their mission included surreptitiously transporting and detonating a small, man-portable nuclear backpack bomb at an Iraqi nuclear weapons development facility to make it seem like an Iraqi nuclear accident. 

This mission seems to have been under the direction of Lt. Col. Oliver North who frequently utilized Arrow Air to smuggle arms and other contraband in conjunction with the Iran-Contra operation.

The soldiers were not told that they would not have the chance to outrun the blast that would destroy them. Thank God it is the duty of every soldier to disobey an unlawful order or the world would have seen its third intentional tactical nuclear detonation and the mass destruction of innocent civilians by a nuclear bomb.

Orders were given by US Government personnel that this plane is destroyed before it reached the United States of America. 

A bomb was planted during a stop at Gander and remotely detonated shortly after the landing gear retracted upon takeoff. Enclosed color photos of the downed Gander plane show internal damage from an explosive. The blast holes are clearly from the inside to the outside.

I have since been informed that there was a completely new water system installed in Gander— courtesy of the US taxpayers. Was this because of nuclear contamination from the crash?

Three weeks after this disaster, Arleigh McCree, head of the LAPD bomb squad and a professional friend of mine, was visiting with me in Phoenix and examining items in our museum. 

This was where we kept samples of all of the different “Special Ordnance Devices” that we had produced over the previous twenty-something years.

When Sgt. McCree saw one of these items, he excitedly proclaimed that it was the device that blew up a plane. He said he would need to get federal clearance to discuss this in more detail with me. He did not reveal the exact plane at the time.

Just four weeks later Arleigh McCree and his partner were killed disarming a pipe bomb that was booby-trapped. You will see from the enclosed article on this tragedy that these two deaths were also very unusual. In fact, these are the only two members of the LAPD bomb squad to ever die this way.

Sometime later when I began asking questions in professional circles I started to develop serious difficulties with certain agencies of the federal government. I was framed and convicted of a crime I did not commit. 

An attempt was made to implicate me in a plot to assassinate Corazon Aquino. On the same day that a sophisticated assassination weapon arrived in Australia for this purpose, a bomb arrived in the mail addressed to me. 

It killed my plant manager instead. Certainly, I would like to investigate the wrongs by these federal agencies. However, the real reason I am sending you the reports of federal efforts to silence me is to emphasize the value of the specialized knowledge that I possess. 

As a second example, I present photos of the detonator that initiated the bomb on PAN AM 103. I know where this circuit board was manufactured in Florida, not Europe, and that it was sold exclusively to the CIA— not to the Libyans!

As you can see from the letters of support attached to this letter there are persons in key positions willing to stick their necks out to proclaim my innocence. But there are far greater issues here than the fate of Chuck Byers. I am ready to provide all that I know whenever and wherever you think best.

Literally, hundreds of American citizens and soldiers have been blown out of the sky. These mass murders need to be investigated and the guilty persons brought to justice!

I am sending this letter to every member of Congress in the hope that each of you will support my efforts to find answers to the haunting questions raised by the facts presented in this letter.

All of my current efforts to have local and federal law enforcement agencies (including their parent agencies in DC) investigate these matters have been unsuccessful. 

In fact, our US Attorney has actually defended the perpetrators and local US District Court judges have refused to act on my requests, or, in most cases, simply dismiss them or ruled in favor of the US Attorney. 

In spite of overwhelming evidence that not only am I telling the truth, but the Federal Agents are lying, filing False Affidavits, or otherwise knowingly misleading the Court.

Since this matter represents a situation of extreme national importance, I am requesting you to immediately initiate hearings before the HOUSE INTELLIGENCE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE to thoroughly investigate these charges and to bring the guilty perpetrators to justice.

Charles M Byers

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We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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