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A dinosaur egg with an embryo inside discovered in China

Lida Xing/University of Birmingham/AFP/East News

It is specified that the fossil was discovered in the southern part of China by British, Canadian, and Chinese researchers more than 20 years ago, but then it was simply put aside for storage.

Only 15 years later, during construction work at the Natural History Museum of Stone in Guangzhou, scientists noticed this find.

The embryo was named Baby Yingliang. Its length, together with the tail, is approximately 27 cm, and the egg itself is 15 cm long.

Using scanning technology, scientists will be able to recreate the body of an embryo. This lizard-like dinosaur, belonging to the genus oviraptor, was found to have small feathers similar to chicken plumage.

Thanks to a well-preserved embryo, researchers will be able to answer any questions about the growth and reproduction of dinosaurs. The unusual find is published in iScience.

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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