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Science reappraisal of HIV-Aids hypothesis


In every profession, education is involved to be perfect and accurate in our services but after school, most people become rogues, thieves, liars, corrupt, hypocrites, and criminals. Corruption reigns everywhere including the pharmaceutical companies.

Even information about certain diseases such as Aids and Ebola provided on the websites of the WHO and CDC is even false.

The reason a Dutch scientist/microsurgeon called Johan Van Dongen, and a Belgian-African journalist, Joel Savage, launched this new health blog. Later, a German medical doctor named Dr. Wolff Geisler whose articles have also played a significant role on this blog also joined us.

Not long thereafter we came across a famous anti-HIV theory dissident Canadian Biologist Dr. David Crowe. It was on Saturday, August 6, 2016, when David interviewed Joel Savage on Aids and Ebola: Infectious Myth.

David Crowe interviews Joel Savage especially on AIDS and Ebola, and the dark role of Belgium in African history. Although Joel has worked with a scientist and medical investigative journalist Johan van Dongen on the theory that HIV and Ebola viruses are laboratory engineered, David is skeptical of this theory, not accepting that there is any evidence the viruses exist, it is still an interesting discussion.

David Crowe and his thousands of companions

In 1991, we, the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis, became dissatisfied with the state of the evidence that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) did, in fact, cause AIDS.

According to David Crowe and many others, the Aids industry and media want us to think there are only a handful of scientists who doubt the HIV-AIDS theory. But here is the reality.

The 3.269 doubters of the official HIV-AIDS theory

Specifically, all those doubters and amongst them famous scientists have proposed that researchers independent of the HIV establishment should audit the Centers for Disease Control’s records of AIDS cases, bearing in mind that the correlation of HIV with AIDS, upon which the case for HIV causation rests, is itself an artifact of the definition of AIDS.

Since 1985, exactly the same diseases or conditions have been defined as “AIDS” when antibodies are present, and as “non-AIDS” when HIV and antibodies are absent.

Independent professional groups such as the Society of Actuaries should be invited to nominate members for an independent commission to investigate the following question:

How frequently do AIDS-defining diseases (or low T cell counts) occur in the absence of HIV? Until we have a definition of AIDS that is independent of HIV, the supposed correlation of HIV and AIDS is mere tautology.

Other independent researchers should examine the validity of the so-called “AIDS tests,” especially when these tests are used in Africa and Southern Asia, to see if they reliably record the presence of antibodies, let alone live and replicating virus.

The bottom line is this: the skeptics are eager to see the results of independent scientific testing. Those who uphold the HIV “party line” have so far refused. We object.

We have often been asked by both supporters and skeptics of the HIV=AIDS dogma what are the best technical papers describing the deficits of the dogma that HIV causes immune suppression that causes AIDS and then rapidly death, that AIDS drugs are the only hope, that HIV is sexually transmitted and so on.

We failed miserably. We could not possibly keep this list to just ten papers. There are simply too many papers that compellingly illustrate why the HIV=AIDS theory needs to be rethought. Or, maybe it was never thought through from the very beginning. Rethinking is not needed – just thinking.

Here then, are our ‘Top Ten’. We have made each paper available online via a link for personal research purposes only – so that skeptics of skeptics can verify that these papers really do show what I say they do.

Interview with David Crow on Belgium’s dark political history in Africa, Aids, and Ebola at PRN FM: Progressive Radio Network

“Why are there still statues of King Leopold of Belgium who killed a similar number of Africans as Hitler killed Jews? And is the west really helping Africa when it comes to diseases, or just using the perceived hopelessness for profit?” Asked David Crowe.

Even though David Crowe like many others is unaware that Aids, Ebola, etc, were man-made diseases, we were still interested in posting this interview on our blog.

Biography of David Crowe

David Crowe graduated in Biology and Mathematics from a Canadian University in the late 1970s. His thesis about two plant species hybridizing into a third crystallized his awareness that even the concept of “species”, the foundation of his chosen field of taxonomy, was imprecise and somewhat arbitrary.

Later he became fascinated by questions about whether HIV really did cause AIDS and, later, about whether HIV even existed. This led him to investigate several other disease paradigms, finding that in every case there was an environmental explanation that was more compelling than the official dogma.

With a high-tech day job, he was able to pursue his scientific interests without fear of losing a position, the ability to publish, or the ability to get grants. Not being able to reach behind the safety of a Ph.D., David simply uses his mammoth research database to put the data in front of you, so that you have the tools you need to decide whether well establish disease dogmas, and other scientific sureties, are really as solid as we are told.

David hails from Calgary in Canada and is rarely caught on the front side of a camera, but often on the back.

Link to the full radio interview:

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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