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Don’t be too judgmental of Putin, he is not an African leader

The Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, before judging him first think of the dangers surrounding his country and the people

‘Russia Attacks Ukraine,’ is the headline in every newspaper across the world, while people are calling the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, an evil man and a murderer. Which superpower country in the world has murdered more people than the United States of America?

That’s how hypocrites and selfish people who often listen to one side of a story react and begin to spread false propaganda against others. Before people will start attacking Vladimir Putin, they must first try to find out the reason behind the man’s actions.

If African leaders are like Putin, the continent will not have suffered much. Many African leaders are so stupid to the extent that they will accept money for every proposal by foreign countries in Africa, even if that will threaten the lives of their citizens.

As we know, many African countries have permitted the US government to build military bases in their countries because they believed America will prevent or fight terrorism on the shores of Africa. That’s a very big mistake the Russian leader will never let that happen.

Russia, China, North Korea, etc; are three countries that pose a threat to the US government, just as Libya was a threat to the US government. Through the National Alliance Treaty Organization – NATO, Libya was attacked and Khadafy was killed. Today, Libya, the wealthiest African country is in ruins.

Since Russia has been America’s enemy for a very long time, NATO has been in alliance with several European countries near to Russia and now they are determined to occupy Ukraine because they want to join NATO. This will be the biggest mistake any intelligent leader that considers America or NATO a threat to accept.

Putin knows America wants to use NATO to attack Russia. That will be very easy indeed since Ukraine and Russia share common borders. This is what Vladimir Putin wants to prevent to protect the Russian citizens.

Vladimir Putin is not like an African leader to permit a US military base in his country and before African leaders that have permitted such military bases in their countries, know the stupidity of their actions, then it’s too late. Time will tell.

The continent of Africa is not a threat to terrorists for African leaders to be tricked by the US government to build their military bases across Africa. They did that because of African resources.

NATO has already expanded throughout Europe and now wants to occupy Ukraine, this is something Putin will prevent to protect his country and the people

The world is rapidly changing and pressure continues to pile up on Africa from both Europe and the United States of America because of the continent’s vast resources, therefore, those military bases were set up to quell any uprising.

The US always poses a threat to terrorists, we witnessed what happened on September 11, and therefore, it doesn’t make sense for the US government to build its military bases in Africa with its intention to fight terrorists for Africans.

Who cares about Africa anyway? It’s because of our resources Africans has been a victim of slavery, colonialism brutalities, Apartheid, and many man-made diseases. There are a lot of things African leaders can learn from the Russian-Ukraine war.

Putin is aware that since 1949, NATO is seeking to destroy Russia, thus; when he realized the US is increasing the Ukrainian crisis by pushing NATO, he needs to react fast, that’s why the war started.

If you watch the position of Russia on the map, you can see that the country is surrounded by NATO, in fact, it has expanded its positions around Russia, which in no time, Russia may fall into the hands of the US government.

Every wise leader must protect their citizens and since Putin is not an African leader, he has done the right thing, so people should stop judging him when our porous borders have invited every criminal, including armed robbers to enter Ghana and terrorize Ghanaians.

The West and the US government have never changed their behavior when Russia becomes the subject. This can be seen as the US President, Joe Biden and the European leaders started with the threats of sanctions against Russia but Putin is not the kind of leader that can be intimidated with sanctions.

Just think about the position Putin stands for, if you are a president, will you allow your enemy to occupy a country you share common borders with to attack you? Putin has the right to defend his country and the people, therefore, don’t be too judgmental.

Has The African White Genocide Started?

Ebola health workers in the Republic of Congo

The idea of a “White genocide” in Africa is a frequent talking point among white governments and white nationalists worldwide and it all starts in Libya by killing American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and retraction of American Centers for Disease Control CDC healthcare workers. Moreover,

Congolese rebel groups started to attack Ebola healthcare centers and killed white healthcare workers and blacks who carry out the dirty work. So, my remark is; “Has The African White Genocide Started”.

My second remark concerns the fact when we are going to pay the price for abusing, raping, using Africans as guinea pigs, torture, slavery, and killing Africans by the millions, like lunatic Belgium King Leopold II.

And nowadays medical trial and error studies concerning experimental Ebola and HIV vaccines are forbidden in western countries but applicated in Africa? It’s about time to give back the African continent to its African roots.

The explosion of violence against white farmers in South Africa

Another remark lies in the outbreak of violence in South Africa, which suffers most under Apartheid and HIV. According to “White” officials, there are no reliable figures that suggest that white farmers are being targeted in particular or that they are at a disproportionate risk of being killed.

Fact-checkers have widely identified the notion of a “white genocide” in South Africa as a falsehood or myth. But in the meanwhile, thousands of white farmers and whites are killed and again also blacks who do the dirty work for white conquerors.

One of my remarks is explained in August 2018, by Fox News Tucker Carlson who commented that the South African government had disproportionately targeted white farmers during its ongoing land reform effort due to anti-white racism.

He also criticized political “elites”, who are purportedly concerned about racism, “paying no attention” to the “racist government of South Africa”.

Hahaha… And there they are again, as Donald Trump stated about fake news before, news agencies like BBC News, CBS News, Associated Press, PolitiFact, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal are stumbling over each other in order to described Carlson’s segment as false or misleading. But news agencies around the world I’ve got another remark.

South African President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa

South African President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, South African politician and the fifth President of South Africa who became president following the resignation of a very corrupt president Jacob Zuma, which can be compared with Congo’s President Joseph Kabila.

Ramaphosa had proposed a constitutional amendment that would allow some land to be expropriated without compensation; however, that amendment had not yet been voted upon.

However, for nearly 50 years, starting in the late 1940s, the black Africans who make up the majority of South Africa’s population were subjected to an official government policy of institutionalized political and economic discrimination and strict racial segregation by the white European minority who ruled the country under a system known as Apartheid, in practice meaning, discrimination against black Africans had gone on for centuries before it ever became official policy.

Among other infringements on their basic rights, black South Africans were legally barred from living on, operating businesses in, or owning land in vast swaths of the country that were set aside for whites only. By the time apartheid formally ended in 1994, nearly 90% of all land in the country was owned by whites, despite the fact that they made up just 10% of the population.

Following Carlson’s segment, President Donald Trump instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large-scale killing of farmers, saying, “South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers”.

Trump’s tweet, his remark, of course, was denounced as “misinformed” by the South African government, which stated that it would address the matter through diplomatic channels.

Nevertheless, President Donald Trump tried to move the conversation away from his former lawyer implicating him in federal crimes by tweeting out a common talking point of white nationalists and neo-Nazis like Wouter Basson.

African freedom fighters; “The white minority took our land. Enough is enough”

On the sprawling maizefields outside Johannesburg, many white families know the full horror of the South African farm attacks that are so common they no longer rate a headline.

Only during the calendar year of 2017, there were 84 farm murders that we could verify,” says Ernst Roets, AfriForum’s deputy CEO. But other figures show over a hundred farmers are killed by fighters called criminals of course.

In recent months, thanks largely to publicity drives by well-funded Afrikaner pressure groups like AfriForum, there has been an international outcry about the killing of white farmers in South Africa. Right-wing websites and radio shock jocks in the United States, and in parts of Europe, talk freely about “White Genocide”.


Auriform, who claims to be a civil rights organization, has been questioned in the South African media, and South African and international media often characterize Afriforum as a white nationalist or white supremacist group.

Its leader, Kallie Kriel, was previously a member of the Conservative Party, and a leader of the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) youth wing and a large number of its executive leadership were formerly associated with Freedom Front Plus.

The organization recruited its 100,000th member in July 2014 and its 200,000th member in November 2017. The organization has often criticized the government for its lack of willingness to address the problem of farm murders.

AfriForum is of the opinion that farm murders should be declared a priority crime, and has raised widespread local awareness and increasing international awareness of the problem by means of several campaigns, including the ‘Stop the Murders’ campaign.

But the Government of South Africa and the right-wing Afrikaner rights group AfriForum maintain that farm attacks are part of a broader crime problem in South Africa and according to them they do not have a racial motivation.

Moreover, political officers of the American embassy in South Africa investigated the claims, consulting farmers, police, and academics for further information.

In a cable sent to the American State Department, they concluded that there was “no evidence that murders on farms specifically target white people or are politically motivated” and that some journalists and lobby groups have simplified complex land disputes to serve their own ends.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump tweet’s like hell and forbids CDC healthcare workers to interfere in the Ebola outbreak in Congo because he feared they will be killed just like ambassador Stevens and healthcare workers in Lybia.

If Trump is afraid of a “White Genocide” isn’t a very difficult remark to make because a white genocide doesn’t stop on the borders of South Africa.

Congolese rebel groups know exactly what is going on in this damned world and they will use the man-made disease Ebola to spread around the world if possible in order to let them pay back for what they have created.

One thing about many of my remarks will be certain, Ebola will spread and cause a pandemic in the end. Hopefully, something positive will emerge from this devilish disease namely, a widespread independent investigation about emerging viruses who arrived out of the blue, appearing first in Crimea in 1943, to end up in the Democratic Republic Congo killing mainly black Africans causing a “Black Genocide”.

The World Health Organization demands 16 billion dollars from wealthy countries to fight the coronavirus

An online petition calling is for the resignation of World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) on Wednesday demanded “wealthy countries” pay them $16 billion in cash upfront to drive coronavirus schemes in developing countries, including mass vaccination rollouts.

Having only raised $814 million for its $23.4 billion 2021-2022 budget for the ACT-accelerator scheme – which provides developing countries “access to” vaccines, treatments, coronavirus tests, and PPE – the W.H.O. said the rapid cash injection could finish off coronavirus as a global health emergency this year, as AFP reports.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the globalist organization, has said “if higher-income countries pay their fair share” of the ACT-Accelerator scheme “we can end COVID-19 as a global health emergency this year.”

Tedros has previously been exposed as a member of Ethiopia’s “violent and powerful communist” party known as the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, as well as acting in concert with Communist China by assisting them in covering up the origins of the pandemic, with the W.H.O suggesting there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission”, as their official guidance in January 2020.

The demands by Tedros for nations to “share” the tools “science gave us” to counter coronavirus “globally in solidarity” reflects those ideological links.

South Africa co-chairs the ACT-Accelerator Facilitation Council, with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, the head of the far-left African National Congress (ANC) calling the ACT-Accelerator scheme “the best solution to the inequities the world”, particularly in “Africa.”

Ramaphosa has also called for international “solidarity” and said that alongside the other co-chair, Norway, they have written to “more than 50 heads of state and government” demanding they “contribute their fair share” to the ACT scheme.

The South African President echoed Tedros’ words that “the longer inequitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments persist, the longer the pandemic will persist”.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre of Norway has also ordered nations to deliver more funds more often as ” no-one is safe until everyone is.”

An online petition calling both for the resignation of World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and the inclusion of Taiwan in the globalist body was nearing one million signatures Sunday morning.

Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know 

Coronavirus digest: Netherlands reintroduces COVID curbs

The Netherlands will relax most of the remaining coronavirus rules from Wednesday, January 26 at 5am. Here’s what you need to know.

The 1.5-meter social distancing rule remains, as does the recommendation to work at home and to receive no more than four guests over the age of 13 a day.

People are also recommended to avoid close contact with the elderly or people with poor health. Out and about Masks remain a legal requirement in indoor spaces, but not when seated in cafes, cinemas, and the theatre.

Masks are also recommended in busy places outdoors. All locations, including cafes, bars, theatres, zoos, and amusement parks, can open their doors from 5am to 10pm.

A coronavirus pass (3G) is mandatory from the age of 13 for indoor spaces, including cafes, restaurants, theatres and concert halls, zoos, saunas, and casinos.

A coronavirus pass is required for the over-17s at sports locations. At indoor locations with fixed seating, capacity is limited to 1,250 and people must be seated 1.5 meters apart.

At outdoor locations, such as football stadiums, one-third of the seats can be filled, spread throughout the location. Festivals without fixed seating are not yet an option.

Quarantine Children who have no symptoms but have been in close contact with someone who has coronavirus do not have to quarantine.

The same applies to adults who have recently had a booster shot or coronavirus less than eight weeks ago. People who have symptoms should stay home and do a self-test.

If that proves positive, you should make an appointment for a PCR test at your regional health board.

What’s next?

The new situation will apply for six weeks but will be reassessed on March 8.

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Tracing the roots of poverty in mineral-rich Africa

Africa is a continent that has suffered a great deal beginning with slavery, colonization, Apartheids to Aids, and Ebola, and all were caused by Western Europe and America with impunity

Africa, especially the region located in the south of the Sahara, is the poorest territory on the planet. At the end of 1993, 11 African countries were among the 15 poorest countries.

The poverty of the African continent is exacerbated by a population explosion. Since the continent is unstable many think Africa is unattractive for capital investments. Despite the vast resources, there is poverty in Africa and the poor depend mainly on agriculture.

Although there are a lot of modern reasons, such as corruption, which has affected development in Africa, the roots of the problem go to the distant past, when Europeans who believed that they were superior and more civilized, needed people with different skin colors to work for them.

From the middle of the XV century, slave markets and the sale of African slaves began. They were used as domestic servants and a great percentage was used in agricultural fields.

After the Europeans destroyed the indigenous population of the New World, slaves from Africa were exported to America. Only a hundred years from the 1680s, through the 1780s from Angola to the Spanish colonies of the West Indies took about a million people.

During the slave trade, peculiar slave routes arose. From Europe to Africa, merchants carried firearms, cold arms, alcoholic beverages, copper, iron products, dishes, and glass baubles.

There they exchanged these cheap things for the lives of African slaves, which were delivered to the American colonies. In turn, in the New World, black slaves were exchanged for colonial goods highly valued in Europe, such as tobacco, sugar, cotton, etc.

This brought huge profits to European traders, especially the English ones. Many cities, such as Manchester, London, Liverpool, Bristol, France Nantes and Rouen, Dutch Amsterdam, and many others, owe their well-being to the slave trade.

It was only after the European powers divided the whole of Africa among themselves that their governments began a determined struggle against the slave trade. The colonialists did not regard black people as humans and treated them worse than animals.

In Africa itself, the slaves were very cheap, and their influx to the markets of the New World, led to the fact that their prices were rather low, therefore, the ‘living goods’ traders, striving for the highest profits, tried not to spend money on the slaves.

In shackles, they were carried in a cramped ship and the only possible way for them to survive was to sit. Swimming from the coast of Africa across the Atlantic took several weeks, so often slaves died on the way.

According to some scientists, for every black African brought to the American colonies, there were about 8 people killed during the voyage or during the transition to the coast, and roughly in total,

Africa had lost over 100 million people in the slave trade.

The slave trade struck the development of the African continent, hindered the development of agriculture, and prevented the creation of African states.

According to historians, the slave trade was one of the reasons why the majority of the African population still lives in abject poverty.

Surprisingly, Africa is still not free. Since slavery and colonization are no more possible, Africa is now being targeted with strange diseases from ‘heaven’ yet created by man and not by God.