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The sudden disappearance of a Russian scientist who produces Ebola

Professor Ilya Drozdov, ex-director of Vector State Research Centre, disappeared without a trace

A top Russian microbiologist formerly in charge of the country’s repository of the planet’s most deadly diseases and viruses – including smallpox, Ebola, and Marburg – has vanished without a trace, reports Will Stewart in Moscow.

In 1994, political unrest in Moscow prompted fears about the security of the Ebola virus and variola stocks stored there. In July of the same year, without first seeking permission from WHO, the Russian government transferred its collection of variola virus strains from the Moscow institute to the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (Vector) in the remote Siberian town of Koltsovo, outside Novosibirsk.

The WHO reluctantly approved the transfer after the fact. This development was deeply troubling to the U.S. because Ken Alibek (a Russian defector eds.), had implicated the Vector laboratory in the Soviet biological warfare program, including the development of the smallpox weapon.

Professor Ken Alibek also alleged that Russia had retained an undeclared cache of variola virus at the Virology Center of the Scientific-Research Institute of Microbiology, a Ministry of Defense laboratory near the city of Sergiev Posad (formerly Zagorsk).

During the Soviet period, this facility had allegedly mass-produced as weaponized Ebola and variola viruses. It remained shrouded in secrecy and off-limits to Westerners. 

In response to Alibek’s revelations, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) became increasingly preoccupied with the potential use of Ebola and smallpox as a military or terrorist weapon and the lack of effective medical defenses against the disease.

Circumstantial evidence obtained by the CIA suggested that undeclared stocks of variola virus might exist in several countries suspected of having biological warfare programs, including Iraq, Iran, North Korea (among others VX-gas), and others unnamed.

A few scientific laboratories also reported discovering and destroying vials of the variola virus that had been retained inadvertently in laboratory freezers, suggesting that other poorly secured samples might exist that could fall into the hands of terrorists. 

Heightening these concerns was the growing vulnerability of the U.S. civilian population to a deliberate attack with the variola virus. Most countries had halted the routine smallpox vaccination of their civilian populations soon after 1980 when WHO certified the eradication of the disease.

Accordingly, the limited supplies of smallpox vaccines available in the mid-1990s stoked fears that the deliberate release of the variola virus by a rogue state or a terrorist organization would trigger a rapidly spreading epidemic, posing a major threat to international health and security.

And now February 2017, Professor Ilya G. Drozdov, who was for five years head research at the center; ‘Vector, Koltsovo, Siberia’ disappeared with all knowledge of Moscow’s bio-warfare Ebola and smallpox secrets. 

It is known that he has been put on Interpol’s wanted list but vanishing without a trace is something hard to explain. This scene which has unfolded reveals that after all the Ebola epidemic which struck West Africa was deliberately tested as a bio-weapon by the American government.

Now this publication will be clear to everyone that Ebola can be prepared by scientists just like how someone can prepare his/her food in the kitchen. And perhaps Professor Ilya G. Drozdov will appear again with horrific results. Results are performed in many bio-weapon factories in this rotten world.

Professor Ilya G. Drozdov, Director General, State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR, Novosibirsk Region, Russian Federation was no more or less a participant of the ‘WHO Advisory Committee on Variola Virus Research Report of the Eighth Meeting Geneva, Switzerland 16 –17 November 2006.’

WHO Advisory Committee on Variola Virus Research

While; Russia declines USG’s request to extend joint smallpox research through International Society for Cellular Therapy ISCT August 2009.


Now the Russians are afraid that terrorists will attack with an Ebola virus to cause the estimated death of over 30 million people worldwide. And who will start all this? You’ll never know, perhaps Professor Ilya G. Drozdov because he has the knowledge to prepare both Ebola and smallpox viruses. 

The same knowledge as the North Korean leader who assassinated his half-brother  Kim Jung Nam with the so-called extinct VX-gas. The sad part of it all is the coverups when bio-weapons are released. 

An investigation could have revealed that the American government was responsible for the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia but in a world of hypocrisy, ruled by the dollar and corrupt judiciary system, the American government enjoys impunity once again after each crime against humanity. The world is watching.

CDC and HIV –  Where did it all go wrong?

The deceptive CDC has done more harm to man than healing

The first report about AIDS, precisely thirty-seven years ago, on June 5th, 1981, the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) published a report of five cases of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia PCP among previously healthy young men in Los Angeles. 

Two of the men who were described as homosexuals had died. They were the first signs of an unknown disease called AIDS which was ready for take-off.

Local clinicians and the Epidemic Intelligence Service EIS officer stationed at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health prepared the report and submitted it for MMWR publication in early May 1981. 

Before the publication, MMWR editorial staff submitted the parasitic and sexually transmitted diseases to the CDC experts. HIV and its overall conclusion and everything to do with homosexuality stupidity.

The editorial note that accompanied the published report the case history suggested a; ‘cellular-immune dysfunction related to a common exposure’ and a ‘disease acquired through sexual contact.’ The report prompted additional case reports from New York City, San Francisco, and other cities.

At about the same time, CDC’s investigation drug unit, the sole distributor of pentamidine, the therapy for PCP, began to receive requests for the drug from physicians also to treat young men. 

Within a short while, in June 1981, CDC investigative team tried to identify risk factors and to develop a case definition for national surveillance.

Within 18 months, epidemiologists conducted studies and prepared MMWR reports that identified all of the major risks factors for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, a new horrific pandemic called AIDS. 

After the initial period, the MMWR has published more than 400 cases about human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and AIDS and remains a primary source of information about the epidemiology, surveillance, prevention, care, and treatment of HIV and AIDS. 

In fact, the CDC knows at first hand like no other the outbreak of an immense HIV outbreak. Except me, Johan van Dongen of course, because in 1972, we noticed AIDS already in humans, receivers of a kidney transplant and it wasn’t caused by a retrovirus. And later on, it appeared I wasn’t the only one who had knowledge of the fact.

Dr. Valendar Turner, professor of emergency medicine at the University of Western Australia

According to Dr. Valendar Turner, the real purpose of the scientific method is to make sure nature hasn’t misled you into thinking something you don’t actually know. There’s not a mechanic or a scientist alive who hasn’t suffered from that one so much that he’s not instinctively on guard. 

That’s the main reason why so much scientific and mechanical information sounds so dull and so cautious. If you get careless or go romanticizing scientific information, giving it a flourish here and there, nature will soon make a complete fool out of you. 

It does, it’s often enough anyway even when you don’t give it opportunities. One must be extremely careful and rigidly logical when dealing with Nature: one logical slip and an entire scientific edifice comes tumbling down. 

One false deduction about the machine and you can get hung up indefinitely.

And precisely what happened with the CDC, nature made a complete fool out this criminal institution because after studying the AIDS literature there was, for instance, Dr. Peter Duesberg who started questioning HIV in 1987. 

He claims there is no virological, nor epidemiological evidence to back up the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. Instead, the virus is biochemically inactive and harmless, and AIDS is not behaving like a contagious disease, he says.

Over the years Duesberg has published a series of peer-reviewed papers in which he debunks the HIV-AIDS dogma. He also came up with an alternative toxicological explanation for the epidemic.

So, this points to my knowledge and my findings in 1972, after discussing the cytomegalovirus with my professor Dr. D.L. Westboek at the Academical Hospital Dijkzigt, the Netherlands. There was no retrovirus involved although exists but harmless unless the human immune system is weakened because of very heavy medicines and anti-sera.

Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos at Royal Perth Hospital Western Australia

A group of medical scientists from Perth, Australia, is also questioning the existing HIV and AIDS theories. The team is headed by Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, a medical biophysicist at Royal Perth Hospital, a teaching hospital at the University of Western Australia. 

The group studied the AIDS literature too and was able to publish some of their findings. The research team claims that HIV has never been isolated so far, and questions the existence of the virus entity. The Perth Group presented its findings at the 12th World AIDS Conference in Geneva.

Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos; “The only way to prove the existence of a virus is to isolate its particles.” 

It is only by doing this that we obtain pure particles to inspect and analyze, and to introduce into fresh cell cultures to prove particles make more of the same. After all, no matter how viral-like they may look, this is what particles must show us before they ever earn the title, virus.”

More tuberculosis patients have been diagnosed with HIV which is not normal

Have HIV experts gone to all this trouble? No, the only reason we have HIV is antibodies. A few antibodies amongst the plethora of AIDS patients react with a few proteins present in the lymphocyte cultures of AIDS patients. 

When it is all said and done, it’s not just that antibodies are used to prove some individuals are infected with HIV. For the HIV protagonists, antibodies are proof that they have isolated HIV.

Shortly, Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos will guide us through a close look at this proposition. As she does take special note of the history of the discovery and demise of the world’s first human, leukemia retrovirus, HL23V. 

As in the case of HIV, Gallo and his colleagues claimed that antibodies elevated certain culture proteins to the status of a virus. Their reasoning was then and still remains a scientific impossibility.

When it was discovered that such antibodies were induced by a wide variety of stimuli that had nothing to do with viruses, and they occurred in far more healthy people than could have ever had the virus to cause leukemia, HL23V disappeared from the annals of science. 

This is why most of you, and most HIV experts, have never heard of it. Yet in the AIDS era, we have the same method used to prove the existence of HIV, and a large number of instances of HIV antibodies where there is no HIV. 

But we still believe in HIV and nobody was talking or describing the genetic engineering experiments with monkey SV40 virus connected with human E-coli bacteria, an ordinary bacteria within our bowel system…

The message for us is plain and simple. HIV might exist but there is no proof that it does exist. As you listen to what is still the best evidence for HIV, imagine it is 1983, you are the consummate, disinterested scientist, living in Amsterdam and working at the Dutch Rijks Instituut voor de Volksgezondheid RIVM like Dutch professor Ab Osterhaus or in Paris, working at the Pasteur Institute, charged with the task of discovery. 

Try to decide, each one of you, what you discovered. Was it a retrovirus HIV or have you let down your guard and allowed the immune system to trick you once again with antibodies that mean something entirely different but which you have mistakenly, once again called a retrovirus and HIV?

If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents that either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document. Some more statements are described below.

Dr. Kary Mullis, Biochemist, 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

“Up to today, there is actually no single scientifically really convincing evidence for the existence of HIV. Not even once such a retrovirus has been isolated and purified by the methods of classical virology.”

Dr. Heinz Ludwig Sanger, Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology and Virology, Max-Planck-Institutes for Biochemistry, Munchen

Is HIV really the cause of AIDS? For more than 25 years, thinking people have been reevaluating the HIV=AIDS hypothesis. The number of biomedical scientists saying that the cause of AIDS is still unknown has been growing fast since the initial HIV discovery announcement in April 1984. 

Either scientist does not see evidence for a lethal virus called HIV — saying that it has never really been isolated — or they assert that the virus is harmless. In any case, it is helpful to remember that in science, correlation is not causation.

To help you make better-informed health decisions, this website archives evidence and opinions of scientists, journalists, and others against the myths of AIDS. The site contains more than 1500 pages with over 1000 articles. Most of these articles have been published in (peer-reviewed) journals, magazines, and newspapers.

To explain all to aforementioned questions we have at this very moment over 3.300 scientists, thousands of books, videos, films, and hundreds of thousands of scientific papers who disapprove of the official statements of the American Centers for Disease Control. So, the main question which remains is.., who is lying?

CDC actually means the Center for Deception and Corruption

In my opinion, somebody is wrong but it is for sure it isn’t me or my fellow scientists but a sub-military led an organization called Criminal Disease Center (CDC).

Yes, where did it all go wrong? At the end of the day, we will meet HIM.

Pregnant women with COVID-19 complications are more common

The dangers of coronavirus threatening pregnant women

The COVID-19 pandemic is a period of increased risks of maternal and child morbidity and mortality, the occurrence of mental disorders, interruptions in the provision of sexual and reproductive health services.

The company ‘Gedeon Richter’summarized all the studies carried out since the beginning of the pandemic on the impact of coronavirus infection on the reproductive health of women and highlighted the main risks and presented brief conclusions.

Pregnant women with COVID-19, complications are more common

Pregnant women with COVID-19, stay in the hospital longer, they are more likely to have complications such as renal failure, sepsis, and disseminated intravascular coagulation. Pregnant women are also more likely to need to be admitted to an intensive care unit.

In a comparative study of 10 pregnant women and 40 ordinary women with COVID-19, 40 percent of pregnant women required mechanical ventilation, while among the usual -13 percent.

A study in the United States among 46 pregnant women with COVID-19 showed that 15 percent of women had a severe disease due to obesity or chronic diseases.

The outcome of pregnancy in women with COVID-19 depends on the trimester, for example, among seven women who became infected in the first trimester, four had a miscarriage; four out of five women who became infected after 24 weeks of pregnancy had their babies born prematurely; three women at 26, 28, and 32 weeks of pregnancy underwent a cesarean section due to a worsening of their condition against the background of coronavirus infection.

The transmission of COVID-19 from mother to unborn child has not been proven to date. The Lancet and the Journal of Clinical Virology published materials that describe in more detail the results of studies on the impact of COVID-19 on the health of an expectant mother and child:

– Tests for COVID-19 in 179 babies born to a mother with coronavirus infection were negative.

– No virus was detected in umbilical cord blood, amniotic fluid, breast milk, and nasopharyngeal swabs of babies.

– In Wuhan, nine women who tested positive for COVID-19 gave birth to healthy babies over 36 weeks.

– There are known cases of infection of infants directly from contact with an infected mother or staff. So, six out of 179 newborns were diagnosed with COVID-19, three had a severe form of pneumonia that arose against the background of coronavirus infection.

The attention of obstetricians, neonatologists, and infectious disease specialists focused on improving and optimizing methods for preventing the horizontal spread of COVID-19 in all areas of medical care, including maternity wards and intensive care units.

COVID-19 can lead to an increased risk of maternal and child morbidity and mortality. These disappointing findings are presented in an article in The Lancet on the impact of coronavirus infection on sexual and reproductive health.

The main concerns of specialists are related to the prioritization of responses to the pandemic, which is being taken around the world today. It is this fact, in their opinion, that can lead to serious consequences:

– Interruptions in the provision of sexual and reproductive health services, which in turn can lead to an increased risk of maternal and child morbidity and mortality.

– Globally, there may be a shortage of contraception and providers of sexual and reproductive health services, as well as medical facilities.

– Reduced access to services in the field of family planning, abortion, antenatal care, detection and treatment of HIV infection, gender-based violence, and mental health care will lead to an increase in the number of cases and consequences of unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortions, sexually transmitted infections, complications of pregnancy, miscarriages, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, suicide, partner violence, and maternal and infant mortality.

The COVID-19 pandemic doubles the risk of mental disorders. During pregnancy, women are most vulnerable to the influence of external factors and need more psychological support.

Taking into account the general anxiety and tension from everything happening in the world today, an anonymous survey was conducted with the participation of 260 respondents to assess depression and anxiety in pregnant women during the pandemic.

The main findings of the survey, published on the website  on the Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine once again highlights the importance of providing additional psychosocial assistance to pregnant women during this difficult time:

– The unpredictability of the pandemic, the consequences of restrictions, and the subsequent creation of fear indicate that pregnant women may be affected by any aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– More than 35 percent of pregnant women showed an increased level of anxiety compared to the control group undergoing the study before the start of the pandemic.

– Mental disorders during a pandemic occur twice as often as under normal circumstances.

– The results obtained did not reveal a positive effect on the psychological well-being of pregnant women, which indicates the possibility of long-term mental complications as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

– During a crisis, pregnant women need psychosocial support, otherwise, complications may arise during pregnancy that can have a negative impact on both the mother and the unborn child.

According to the Ministry of Health, infection with COVID-19 increases the risks for a woman during childbirth and can lead to a number of complications: premature birth (39 percent), fetal growth retardation (10 percent), and miscarriage (2 percent).

In pregnant women with coronavirus infection and pneumonia, an increase in the frequency of cesarean section was observed due to the development of fetal distress syndrome.

European scientist accidentally exposes himself to the deadly Ebola virus

The deadly Ebola virus

Worried World Health Organisation bosses have rushed a shipment of an experimental vaccine to treat the man

The UN health agency revealed that Hungarian officials asked for help after a scientist working in a normally secure laboratory had an “accidental exposure” to Ebola.

The WHO said it has now helped immunize the scientist with an experimental vaccine. It also helped send two unlicensed drugs.

The scientist was immediately isolated in a Budapest hospital and the risk of Ebola spreading to another person is said to be “negligible”.

It noted that the labor worker didn’t have any symptoms of the disease – which has a fatality rate of about 50%.

The disease is passed through bodily fluids such as blood, semen, and sweat.

It starts with fever and fatigue before causing multiple organ failures and massive internal bleeding.

Ebola was first seen in the West African nation of Guinea in December 2013 and went on to claim more than 11,000 lives.

The pandemic crippled the already volatile health systems in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

It spread throughout West Africa, reaching Nigeria, Spain, the US, and the UK.

Almost 30,000 people across the three nations were infected with the disease, which is spread via contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids.

The outbreak was catastrophic, leaving whole communities in ruins, thousands of children orphans, and millions facing starvation.

Several Brits also contracted the disease in 2014, including Pauline Cafferkey who was working in Sierra Leone as an aid worker.

She was diagnosed with the Ebola virus when she flew home to Glasgow after working at an Ebola treatment center in Kerry Town.

It was thought she contracted the virus as a result of wearing a visor instead of goggles.

Source: by Charlotte Ikonen

The money of Bill Gates tells him to do both good and evil

Bloodstain in the hands of Bill Gates

Founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, who has the image of a benevolent philanthropist, using his billions through his exempt from taxation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation addresses the problems of diseases and food shortages in Africa, as well as fighting poverty.

At a recent conference in California, Gates opened the veil over an almost unknown aspect of his charity – a population decline, or in other words, eugenics.

Gates mentioned this at a closed conference in Long Beach, California, called TED2010 Conference in his speech “Upgrading to zero!” – CO2 → vaccines → depopulation. The opinion of Bill Gates, along with the science-absurd proposal to artificially reduce CO2 emissions worldwide to zero by 2050, at about the fourth and a half minutes of his speech, Gates says:

“Today 6.8 billion people are living in the world, and this figure tends to 9 billion. If we do a good job with the new vaccines, with the health care system, and with reproductive health, then we will probably be able to reduce this figure by 10-15%. ”

In plain English, one of the most influential people in the world has clearly said that he expects vaccines to be used to reduce population growth. When Bill Gates talks about vaccines, he knows what he is talking about. In January 2010, at the elite World Economic Forum in Davos, Gates announced that over the next decade, his Foundation will allocate $ 10 billion (about € 7.5 billion) to develop and deliver new vaccines for children in developing countries.

The main focus of its multi-billion-dollar Fund is vaccination, especially in Africa and other developing countries. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a founding member of the GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) in partnership with the World Bank, WHO, and vaccine manufacturers. The goal of GAVI is to vaccinate every newborn baby in the developing world.

Today it looks like a noble charitable work. The problem is that the vaccine industry has repeatedly been caught by the hand in concealing the dangerous consequences (insecurity due to untested or even proven harmful to health) vaccines for the unsuspecting Third World population when they cannot get rid of Western vaccines. Some organizations believe that the true goal of vaccination is to weaken people and make them even more susceptible to illness and premature death.

Following the results of the most recent unnecessary Pandemic declaration of global swine flu the H1N1, industrial countries were left sitting on hundreds of millions of doses of untested vaccines. They decided to get rid of the remaining burdensome drugs by transferring them to WHO, which in turn gathered them and distributed them to countries for free.

France gave 91 million of 94 million doses that the Sarkozy government purchased from the pharmaceutical giants; Great Britain gave 55 – 60 million doses, the same story in Germany and Norway.

Pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers are silent about the enormous damage to children’s health vaccinations, including autism and the numerous neuromuscular deformities caused by toxic adjuvants and preservatives used in most vaccines.

It has strongly been recommended that thimerosal be removed from vaccines as soon as possible. By the 1997 FDA Modernization Directive, the Food and Drug Administration also determined that children who received thimerosal-containing vaccines several times may receive mercury over the recommended federal regulations.

Gates’ interest in reducing the population among blacks and other minorities is not something new. The Rockefeller Foundation, since 1920, has funded research on eugenics in Germany at Kaiser-Wilhelm institutions in Berlin and Munich, including during the Third Reich.

They praised the forced sterilization of the population in Hitler’s Germany and the Nazi ideas about “racial purity”. It was John D. Rockefeller III, a lifelong supporter of eugenics, who used the money of his tax exempted fund to initiate the neo-Malthusian movement to reduce the population.