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Queen Mathilde at the Ebola conference: Poverty was an opportunity for the West and America to inflict the disease in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone During the speech of Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, at the conference of “Ebola: from Emergency to Recovery,” on March 3, 2015, he overlooked the audience. Amongst themContinue reading “EBOLA: FROM EMERGENCY TO RECOVERY”

The scientist who lost everything for pursuing the truth Part of the Anastomosis Simulator” (Artificial Rat.) invented by Prof. Johan. Scientists started carrying out experiments with animals decades ago, before criminally shifting their attention on innocent Africans. The reason, for example, from 1954 till 1962, R. Lukas, diagnosed lymphoma in a very large number ofContinue reading “”

The Three Writers Behind This Authentic Health Blog

The world is divided, so are the people. Others like to commit crimes, mislead, misinform, and lie. It has been the same with man-made diseases such as Aids and Ebola. The two diseases have nothing to do with poverty, monkeys, bats, bush meat, etc, they are biological weapons. The reason three people, one from Holland,Continue reading “The Three Writers Behind This Authentic Health Blog”