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Blog dedicated to victims of bioweapons

We used certain images of victims of bioweapons, including this beautiful girl to make the header of this blog. We love them and want the world to see what the dark heart of a man can lead him to do against innocent people like her. 

Dedicated to victims of bio-weapons HIV/Aids, Ebola etc

HIV-Aids, Ebola hemorrhagic, Lassa Fever, and Zika virus, are all man-made diseases engineered from the laboratories as bio-weapons. Why are they bio-weapons to depopulate a particular race? Some people may like to know. Because it is one of the ways of curbing global overpopulation.

The World Health Organization, Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates, and countries such as Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, America, etc, are all involved in carrying out such sinister programs which have taken thousands of innocent people to their untimely grave.

On July 1, 2016, after meeting in Holland, the Dutch scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen and Belgian freelance journalist and author, Joel Savage, decided to make this blog and give the right information about those diseases to the public since the true information is being suppressed.

Today, July 15, 2016, after speaking on the phone, we came to the conclusion of dedicating this blog which has instantly become readers’ choice to the victims of those who have been callously murdered and disfigured by those deadly bio-weapons.

We therefore officially dedicate this website to the victims and their loved ones that have been emotionally and psychologically scarred for life. 

Scientist Johan Van Dongen will take the opportunity to use this platform: “A challenge to all the top scientists, politicians, and health officials, prove me wrong if Aids, Ebola, Lassa Fever, Zika, etc, aren’t bio-weapons.” 

We thank all the readers who have been visiting and revisiting this blog since it was officially launched two weeks ago. Without you, there wouldn’t be any motivation and inspiration to continue posting an article. Once again, thank you.

Articles not in relation with what the WHO and CDC, want you to know

“Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight.” – Proverbs 12:22

The US government, the World Health Organization, and the Center for Diseases Control have deceived the world.

The HIV-Aids, nodding syndrome, and Ebola information, provided by the World Health Organization and the Center Centers for Disease Control, to the general public, aren’t accurate. They have deceived the world because the diseases were man-made.

That is laboratory-engineered diseases against humanity. The world is full of intelligent and beautiful people. Wisdom and the knowledge of people are demonstrated in many ways to create a beautiful world, while others like to destroy it for their own selfish gains.

We have been enemies to ourselves by supporting crimes and living a life of hypocrisy. When it comes to the truth you’ll lose all your friends but one can easily make a lot of friends if you simply live a false life. That’s our experience.

Politicians, governments, medical officials, the World Health Organization, United Nations, the Centers for Diseases Control, and the International Criminal Court, have all played roles in causing misery and suffering in this world, just for the pharmaceutical companies to make money out of the misery and suffering of innocent victims.

Instead of health blogs exposing their wicked and deliberate spread of diseases globally, including most Third World Countries, to destabilize their economies and take control over their rich resources, they rather support the media and politicians to mislead the public and hide information to run successful businesses.

This is the reason we (Johan Van Dongen, the Dutch scientist/micro-surgeon, Dr. Wolff Geisler, a German medical practitioner, and Joel Savage), a Belgian freelance journalist, and writer created this health blog.

Our aim is to give the right information and free the mind of people that for decades politicians and organizations such as the World Health Organization and Centers for Diseases Control keep deceiving.

We never called for any support because we know that we can’t get one in a world that lies, wickedness, hypocrisy, and selfishness rule but we pray that no one should hate us for revealing the truth. 

We care about humanity because lies and hypocrisy can’t create a beautiful world. The health blog was initially built on the platform of blogger, which belongs to Google, since the search engine company doesn’t feel comfortable with the truth, it was deliberately destroyed.

This is our second effort to build a new one on the platform of WordPress. There are always traces or pieces of evidence when something is destroyed. We have saved all the documents before the blogger was destroyed, we will, therefore, bring all of them back to this new platform.

Even though scientist Johan van Dongen is gone, we shall continue what he left undone.

Scientist Johan Van Dongen

It is with our deepest sorrow to announce the death of our beloved Dutch scientist Johan van Dongen

Thank you, readers.

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