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Belgium and America have something in common, the killing and disfiguring of black people

Left, amputations in Congo, right, hangings of African-Americans

No international journalism or law, especially in Belgium and America, is worthy of its name because journalists in both countries have done less to solve racial problems, injustice, discrimination, indignity, and crimes against black people. 

Belgium and American journalists for decades have the delight to support the lies, deceptions, and crimes of their governments,  politically and medically, but now they are finding it uncomfortable because an African journalist is in their mist exposing their crimes.

I am in Belgium for twenty years, if no one hears of a killing of a black man, doesn’t mean that everything is normal in the country. Black people wake up each morning to see statues and streets named after the lunatic King Leopold II, whose relatives, the royal family, together with the Belgian government feel comfortable about it.

The Belgian government and the royal family consider the wealth the brutal reign of Leopold II gave to the country, therefore, they are not prepared to set a good example for others to follow, even though every statue of Leopold II and streets named after him inspire racism and crime against black people universally. 

The recent demonstration of Black Lives Matter, following the brutal murder of George Floyd, provoked many black people in the country and one of Leopold II’s statues which were defaced and vandalized was removed from the center of Ekeren in Belgium. 

Belgium’s crime in its former colony, Congo

According to history, the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, killed over 6 million Jews. The shame Hitler brought to Germany, forced the country’s leaders to change the name of the streets after him, moreover, everything relating to Hilter was banned.

That is not the case in Belgium, a country that planned to destroy Congo and the people for losing its colony. The Belgian government and the royal family are happy that the big statue of Leopold II riding on a horse is not easy for demonstrators to pull down but they will pull it down, unfortunately, that time will be too late.

Both America and Belgium have a very bad history of doing horrible things against black people without remorse and their journalists have failed to address these issues. Today, my articles revealing the crimes of Belgium and America in Africa, are considered a threat.

Why should I begin to write that monkeys brought from the Philippines to the United States of America, were responsible for     HIV-Aids if research reveals it was a biological weapon? Again, why should I admit that bats are responsible for Ebola, while it’s also a biological weapon?

I can’t but European and American journalists can, the reason today, European and American health websites carry false information about those diseases, including Burkitt’s lymphoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, Lassa fever, and nodding disease. 

All are biological weapons by the US government, yet Belgium and American journalists for decades are writing false articles about the true origins of these diseases. Even Peter Piot, the Belgian microbiologist claims discovered Ebola in Congo in 1976, but the disease exists in Crimea since 1943. 

Sometimes, it baffles me, to see successive foreign governments, such as Belgium, Holland, Britain, Germany, America, etc, committed so much crime against black people in Africa and America, and enjoying freedom today.

What kind of journalists are in Belgium and America, that continue to support racism and write false articles about HIV-Aids and Ebola without shame? Like serial killers, doing everything to avoid being caught, Belgian and American journalists write only false articles about HIV-Aids and Ebola. 

Being the only African writer in Europe, brave enough to bring out articles many dare to write, have forced invincible forces to accuse me of violating their rules on social and have succeded to kick me from their platforms, even though I haven’t violated any rules.

I thought American and Belgium governments are very brave until I realized they are even afraid of an African writer living in Europe more than a terrorist. Most of my articles pertaining to the crimes of the US government and Belgium have either been directed to 404 errors or the articles have disappeared from my blog.

My blog’s visibility has been completely reduced in search engines, just to suppress information, after being expelled from about ten social media, with the false accusation of violating their rules. 

The lynching and hanging of African-Americans by white mobs in America

That’s the kind of journalism in both Belgium and America, while their governments continue to declare war on my articles because I am exposing them after visiting the Dutch scientist and former professor of the University of Maastricht, Johan van Dongen and the German medical doctor, Wolff Geisler.

The two medical professionals don’t know each other but their research is similar pertaining to horrible crimes foreign governments, including Belgium and the United States of America, committed in Belgium.

There are many reasons journalism has lost its value and respect in today’s world because if you are not a member of an empire of a deceitful organization or a liar, you will not gain any promotion or award.

The truth is not a commodity sold in the shop, yet many, including rich people, can’t afford it. I prefer to die poor in truth and dignity than in rich and corruption. 

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

2 thoughts on “Belgium and America have something in common, the killing and disfiguring of black people

  1. Perhaps you are not aware of the many articles and books written by Flemish and Wallon writers who opposed the colonisation as well of the many books written by people who lived and worked in Belgium Congo, which denounced racism, discrimination and violence against Africans.

    Please also do come to read the many Dutch articles about the treatment of historical figures, name plates and statues, to have a more correct picture of the situation and stance of Belgians against coloured people.


  2. I really love your website.. Very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m trying to create my own blog and want to know where you got this from or just what the theme is named. Cheers!


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