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The World Health Organization was under Bill Gates and may still be under him

The World Health Organization worships Bill Gates because he funds the health institution to carry out crimes against humanity

A dog wags its tail in excitement based on trust and good care. It is the same way the World Health Organization gets excited when the health institution sees Bill Gates because the business tycoon has been a major private donor to the health institution for years with large donations.

To avoid losing Bill Gates large donations, the World Health Organization became docile; listening to whatever Bill Gates suggests or says. Thus, the World Health Organization under the influence of Bill Gates unsuspicious did many bad things against humanity that are never recorded.

The World Health Organization’s crimes against humanity date long before Bill Gates started financing the health institution. For example, on the African continent, there was an almost total absence of tuberculosis, despite lively trade relations with dealers from states where there was rampant tuberculosis, and this right up until colonial times.

In conjunction with the conquest of African states by France, Belgium, Great Britain, Holland, and Germany, particularly virulent forms of tuberculosis were introduced to Tanganyika (Zanzibar and Tanzania), South Africa, Egypt, Sudan, the French colonies, and the Congo.

Congo/Zaire was tuberculosis-free still at the beginning of the 20th century but was plagued with tuberculosis by Belgium in 1921. In the USA, African-Americans were infected 2.9 times more frequently with tuberculosis than white people.

In 1985, non-whites in the USA were infected 5.2 times more frequently than whites in relation to their proportion of the population. In 1985, aged between 25 and 44 years, the ratio was 9.1 more frequent.

And dark-skinned men died 16.2 times more frequently from tuberculosis than pale-skinned men. The geographic distribution cases among blacks are largely focal and represent unnecessary disease and death.

In New York, in 1980, 1981, and 1982, in each case, 11% more men aged between 15 and 54 became afflicted with tuberculosis than in the previous year.

Added to this cluster should also be the natural calculable reductions in the disease of 5.7% per year, in order to realize the actual extent of the unusual incidence of this disease.

33% indeed of these men were supposed to catch Aids, but 67% of those tuberculosis cases had nothing whatsoever to do with Aids. From 1984 to 1986, the tuberculosis number in New York increased by 593, in the whole of the remainder of the USA, it dropped by 80 cases.

In Newark, N.J, USA, the total tuberculosis number excluding Aids only dropped by 3%, between 1980 and 1984. The number of extrapulmonary tuberculosis increased by around 46%.

Furthermore, 29 people went down with tuberculosis in Newark who was also diagnosed as having Aids. 21 (72%) of these Aids-tuberculosis cases had extrapulmonary tuberculosis. There were obviously additional highly virulent forms of the disease with and without HIV infection.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for more than ten years, the billionaire has made substantial donations to the World Health Organization, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bill Gates worked for both WHO and the US government. After the first Ebola case in Congo in 1976,  he was responsible for the disease multiple times in the country.

Ebola occurrences in the Congo were first to find the right vaccines, secondly, to cripple the country’s economy for the US government to take control over the precious cobalt that serves the need for the world’s computer and telephones, and thirdly, to reduce the population.

While Bill Gates was carrying out all those crimes against humanity, the mainstream media has deemed him a hero, eradicating diseases in Africa.

No politician in Europe, or America, or the media exposed Bill Gates of his crimes. His enemies, Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Vladimir Putin of Russia were those that exposed him.

In 2017, a representative of the Geneva-based NGOs said of Gates that “he is being treated as a head of state, not only at the WHO but also at the G20” and that “few people dare to openly criticize what he does”, calling Gates one of the most powerful men in global health.

While many people around the globe became aware of Bill Gates’ double life, and therefore, see him as a threat, the health institution sees him as an opportunity to obtain more funds for research, especially in third world countries.

Many know Bill Gates as a philanthropist or a millionaire but what they haven’t learned about the man is he talks too much sometimes. His desire to reduce the world’s population has led to serious statements he made which could have been used against him if the law doesn’t exempt elites.

For example, we published this article Bill Gate’s Ebola Confession Which Disappeared With The Wind, on July 23, 2020, suggesting that if the law works in America or the International Criminal Court is genuine, Bill Gates should have been in prison between 15 to 20 years, for crimes against humanity.

That is when in May 2015, while speaking to VOX television on Ebola, Bill Gates shockingly said “We’ve created, in terms of spread, the most dangerous environment that we’ve ever had in the history of mankind.” 

Also in the same interview with VOX television, Bill Gates predicted a massive epidemic of infectious diseases that will kill millions of people. According to him, he had assembled a group of researchers that was supposed to simulate a possible infectious catastrophe.

Based on this particular statement he made many people accused him of the coronavirus pandemic since his diabolical agenda has been nothing more than global depopulation to save the planet, according to him. Bill Gates is now very calm because he has been divorced.

As for the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, they have completely lost their integrity and trust. No matter how hard they try or suppress information, they will never get that trust back because once you lied; you will always be a liar.

Those suppressing information and doing everything illegal which seems good to them in protecting these liars and dishonest health institutions must continue to do so. There is time for everything.

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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