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LinkedIn suspends my account for writing against Bill Gates

I am just a victim of information supression

Many social media platforms and the media protect and give support to Bill Gates because of his mone

Social Media is a collection of sites on the internet, based on online technologies, that provide users with the ability to establish communication with each other and produce user-generated content.

In other words, they are web resources created for communication between users on the network, however, many of them prevent the truth and suppress information.

Just last week, I couldn’t log in to my account on Linkedin, I did contact them and I received an e-mail from them that I made a personal attack on Bill Gates.

As a matter of fact, with over 7,800 followers since about 8 years ago, I have posted many articles about Bill Gates and LinkedIn has never suspended my account, so why now?

Above all, that particular article LinkedIn accused me of attacking Bill Gates is an article published by an Italian newspaper on May 18, 2020, about an Italian Congresswoman, Sara Cunial, requesting the arrest of Bill Gates for crimes against humanity.

I would like to share my story about my experience with social media. Many of the social media are run by managers who will do everything to suppress information for governments and institutions.

And if they want to push you away from the platform because of the sensitivity of the articles you post, the best way to do that is to accuse you of breaking or violating their rules and, yet, they will not tell you the rule you violated, even though LinkedIn has notified me about my ‘error.’

List Of Social Media That Lied To Me About Rules Violation To Suppress Information

Pinterest, Medium, Reddit, and Bebee are some of the social media that lied about violating their rules and deleted my publications to suppress information.

In fact, the writers of the health blog, “Secrets of Aids and Ebola Facts Journal,” had similar experiences after the genuine health that was deliberately destroyed on blogger was launched. The late Dutch scientist Johan van Dongen’s accounts on various social were suspended.

In a world that one loses all friends because of the truth and instantly becomes an enemy, many social media platforms support governments, politicians, rich individuals on their platforms, to save their business that is how writers often become victims of false accusations of rules violation.

Just a year after the above-mentioned health blog became successful and popular, I was accused of a rule violation and kicked out from several social media platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, Hacker News, and Medium. These are just false accusations to suppress information.

Reddit, Pinterest, Digg,, Hacker News, and Medium, sent me e-mails that “Your account is under investigation or was found in violation of our Rules,” yet when I wrote to them to tell me the rule I violated they couldn’t give me any response.

Among the social media that falsely accused me of rules violation, Twitter turns out to be the best. After proving I am innocent, I received an apology from them.

This is the reason if you visit my Twitter page, you can see I have pinned that tweet “I haven’t violated any of your rules Twitter.”

Even though we have been able to make a new “Secrets of Aids and Ebola Facts Journal,” health blog on WordPress theme, tweets from the new health blog don’t through to Twitter, and Reddit, Pinterest, and Start. me, have failed to give access to readers.

I live in Belgium, a country that committed so many crimes against humanity in Africa. Even though there is no statue of Hitler for killing six million Jews, there is a statue of Leopold II, a king that masterminded the killing of over 10 million Congolese, including women and children.

The Belgium government and its royal family are not intelligent enough to break down that senseless statue of Leopold II, but they are wise to tell Google to remove articles I write against them from my blogger blog and other websites.

At times, people think they have the power or authority to do whatever pleases them, as a form of punishment against other people, yet they often forget that whatever goes around comes around.

They cry daily about crimes destroying our society, yet they are the same people that declare war on those that write the truth, trying to bring serenity to our society.

It’s our responsibility to make this world a better place because after us, comes a new generation who are our children. They don’t have to pass through these hardships we are facing today because of injustice.

I give my deepest thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Wykop,, and Fai Informazione, an Italian social media for being sincere to me in my efforts to fight crimes against humanity on their platforms.

Published by Secretsofaidsebolafacts

We are three united medical writers from different backgrounds. Dutch Micro-surgeon/scientist & author Johan Van Dongen / Journalist & author Joel Savage, from Belgium and a German medical doctor & author Dr. Wolff Geisler.

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